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Celtic trophy tales! The 20 Minute Tims video clip that has gone viral

A video clip from the 20 Minute Tims podcast has gone down a storm with Celtic fans as they bask in the glory of winning the Scottish Cup, the 118th major honour picked up by the club.

For every winner there is also at least one loser with the grief, anger and torment from Ibrox over the last few days the icing on top of the cake for most Celtic supporters.

Resignation is one of the main issues among loyal bears, not the resignation of Phil Clement but that knowledge that one of their fabled myths could soon rebound spectacularly in their direction.

From the Continuity Lie over the events of 2012 an even bigger whopper has been grasped, the claim that the club founded by Charles Green is actually the most successful club in the world. A completely false and made up accolade.

Every football fan knows that Real Madrid hold that title, it isn’t even up for debate or discussion but in pockets of Scotland many bears hold onto the belief that December’s League Cup win over Aberdeen carries the same significance as Saturday’s Champions League Final at Wembley.

Carlos Ancelotti will be trying to bring the Big Cup back to the Bernabeu for the 15th time



Jamie Flynn is the man that delivered the perfect summary, nothing really needs to be added as he explains the bizarre claim that seems certain to be trashed in the next 12 months.

Clinching the SPFL title away to Kilmarnock was the 54th time that Celtic have been the champions of Scotland. The old Rangers reached that landmark before they went into liquidation in 2012 with one of their title ‘wins’ shared with Dumbarton.

Celtic have never shared a title with any other club, they have never been in administration, paid all of their bills on time and deducted the correct amounts of Income Tax and National Insurance from all salaries.

When news emerged that Dave Murray fielded ineligible players in every match for over a decade there was an expectation that trophy stripping would take place with 0-3 results declared as UEFA operate.

Five titles should have been removed with the same amount of domestic cups claimed through players that they couldn’t afford through legitimate means.

Shamefully the SFA and SPL bottled out of taking the appropriate action, the new club formed in 2012 was hit with a fine of £250,000 for the crimes of the one in liquidation.

Green claimed that he had bought the history from the administrators, the bears willingly accepted that as they bought up Season Tickets and merchandise.

The new club has won three honours since they started out away to Brechin City, since joining Celtic in January 2023 Alistair Johnston has won both the SPFL and Scottish Cup twice as well as a League Cup success.

Flynn nails it with a clip that sums things up perfectly, with each future Celtic trophy win it is bound to resurface.

Having created the claim the loyal bears will have to face up to having it thrown back at them at every opportunity despite every Celtic fan knowing that that their trophy count is dwarfed by Real Madrid.

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48 minutes 30 seconds for the brilliant rant!

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