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Celtic365 is an independent source of news, as the title suggests it will be following the hoops and related matters every day, easily accessible.

The Editor has managed the transition from old school newspapers into the digital age, writing full time for the last seven years on another website but now breaking out to go solo.

As a long standing member of the NUJ standards are important, certain content from message boards, Twitter and Facebook will never be accepted on these pages. Similarly any abusive comments will quickly be deleted without explanation.

Thanks to a large extent by the contempt of old media for the club, Celtic fan media has flourished in recent seasons, evolving over time to become an essential part of life for many supporters rather than a curiosity.

First thing in the morning, straight after work, on a lunch or tea-break or far away on holiday fans can turn to their mobile phone and get the latest news and views coming out of their club. Wherever they are based, well outside the circulation area of the Evening Times or broadcast circle of Radio Clyde.

The early sites evolved into message-boards. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram took off and on the back of that fan news sites and podcasts appeared with a massive selection available to supporters.

Celtic365 will add to that choice, mixing the experiences of a long serving journalist with the passion and emotions of being a Celtic supporter.

News comes from a variety of sources, Twitter can quickly spread transfer tales from Japan, South Korea, Poland and Australia while In The Know accounts are followed closely to piece together the information jigsaw.

An independent sight means many things, for the visitor it will be light on adverts, you won’t be batting away pop-ups as you try to find the next paragraph.

A look at Similarweb explains the reach of different websites, old school publishers just aren’t managing to make a digital impression while print sales plunge. Not so long ago they could have filled Celtic Park many times over with their readers, today many are struggling to fight the 15-20% annual declines in sales.

Reader comments are popular and will be prominent, not buried among the adverts, anyone wanting to share their opinions will be welcome with just a few boundaries, any fan wanting to write regularly can expect a paid platform to share ideas and views.

Publishing is a results driven business- hopefully in the season ahead Brendan Rodgers drives the hoops on to further success at home and in Europe.