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Celtic SLO draws a blank on burning issue

Despite the obvious issues Celtic won’t have a Season Ticket Exchange Scheme in place for the new season.

A simple process that allows Season Ticket holders to sell their seat for a match that they can’t attend has been in operation at most EPL grounds for a couple of seasons. They’ve even worked out how to do it at Ibrox.

Despite the regular SOLD OUT signs for many home matches there are clearly many empty seats at matches with Season Ticket holders unable to attend for a variety of reasons.

Fans in the Glasgow area can generally pass their ticket on to someone else but that is less practical if you are based in England or Ireland.

It is an issue that Celtic are well aware of, it is raised and Fan Forums and also the AGM but there is no sign of any action being taken.

An online scheme where fans make their ticket available, someone on the club data base buys it for £35 with a £25 credit to the Season Ticket holder and £10 to the club seems the perfect solution.

John Paul Taylor is the most public and visible no-playing employee at Celtic but often finds his hands are tied with questions from fans. Dealing with 50,000 Season Ticket holders and the rest is quite a remit!

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