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‘This guy can’t get Celtic out his head’ ‘too easy to rattle’ ‘he is classless’ Celtic fans react as Clement bites over fun throwaway

Phil Clement is looking very unstable six days away from taking his side to Celtic Park where defeat would leave his side six points behind the hoops with two matches left in the SPFL Premiership. 

After watching his side beat Hearts on Saturday Brendan Rodgers was in top form as he met the media afterwards. 

It was hard to find fault with Celtic’s performance, the players were sharp and alert, the fans were in sync with their backing with big players like Callum McGregor and Daizen Maeda returning from injury. What’s not to like?

The win over Hearts was almost a sidenote as the Scottish media slipped into their favourite mode with a week to hype up an O** F*** clash that could almost decide the title. 

Every possible aspect and angle will be dredged up over the coming week, the dullest of pundits will be sharing their thoughts as space and broadcasting time is eaten up to preview Saturday’s lunchtime clash. 

With all that tension and excitement in the media room Rodgers reduced the temperature by saying that his players would have some fun. 

It was a light hearted line, a throwaway in front of people who will be working round the clock dredging up every conceivable angle relating to Saturday’s match. 

That was lost on one man, apparently, he is a Proper Football Manager but he couldn’t brush aside that comment, biting eagerly when it was put to him after his side won 4-1 today against Kilmarnock. 



Clement really does live up to the Belgian stereotype of being without a sense of humour, even in the Belgian media he is known as being dull and dry. 

There is a slight language issue, despite spending time as a player at Coventry City almost 30 years ago he doesn’t quite grasp Manager Speak, the stringing together of cliches to fill spaces and air time. 

When the fun question was put to him the sensible reaction was to smile and deflect, instead The Proper Football Manager waded in miles outside of his comfort zone. 

Rodgers made no reference to Saturday’s opponents but clearly his opposite number hangs on every word coming out of the Celtic camp, either that or he is being fed by the same PR machine that worked with Pedro Caixinha and Micky Beale. 

If that is how Clement reacts to the gentlest of issues after a 4-1 home win there could be fireworks on Saturday if things don’t go his way. 

The pressure of taking his side to the top of the SPFL for a month then falling away has created incredible expectation among the loyal bears. 

Clement won’t meet the media again until Friday, he really should spend some time away from obsessing about Celtic if he hopes to surpass Beale’s 10 month stint as manager.

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