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Ibrox Nazi flag shame goes mainstream

The flying of a flag bearing a Nazi slogan at Ibrox has reached the Mainstream, 22 hours after it was covered extensively on social media.

As the annual Armed Forces Day pageantry was played out three months after the official commemoration one group of fans felt relaxed enough to unfurl a flag with the Unit 936 logo, without any challenge from Stewards, Police Scotland or fellow supporters.

It isn’t the first time that the flag has been spotted among Ibrox fans but the contradiction of flying it while serving members of the Armed Forces are being paraded like a trophy seems to be a step too far.

At 13.30 on Sunday The Sun reported:

The twisted banner featured the words “Rangers Active Unit 936, The Firm” and featured the Nazi skull and crossbones in the centre.

The symbol – known as the Totenkopf or ‘death’s head’ – represented the SS during World War 2, who ran concentration camps during The Holocaust and committed some of the worst atrocities of the war.

It also became the symbol of the 3rd SS ‘Totenkopf’ Panzer Division, which was responsible for several war crimes – including the 1940 Le Paradis Massacre – the murder of 97 British soldiers from the Royal Norfolk Regiment who had surrendered.

CCTV coverage should make it easy enough to identify the culprits, on matchdays over 90% of fans in the ground are Season Ticket holders, the remainder all have to buy tickets online.

The story in The Sun is slanted at the shock and horror of other supporters reacting to the flag with an un-named club source promising an investigation.

There has been no official condemnation or comment on the club’s social media platforms.

On Thursday the fans will be out in force in Cyprus against ARIS Limassol, a repeat showing of the flag will almost certainly result in a UEFA fine.

Twice in 2019 UEFA closed parts of Ibrox in reaction to racist actions in their competitions, no punishment has ever been handed out by the SFA, SPFL or SPL.

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