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‘Absolutely tragic drop off’ ‘Soul destroying this’ ‘Boring boring Celtic’ Fans turn on gaslighting Social Media claim

When the going is good being employed by the club’s social media team is a bit of a breeze.

Keep supplying the fans with good news and feed off their reactions, its a simple formula where virtually every message is celebrated. You can even be a bit vague and obtuse and carry it off.

When things aren’t going well you have to be very very careful as a review of Celtic social media from season 20/21 reveals.

Content came to a virtual standstill as fans piled on with messages to get Peter Lawwell and Neil Lennon out in less than diplomatic terms.

When the Twitter account mainly consisted of wishing distant former players Happy Birthday it was the equivalent of raising the white flag.

Fortunately Ange Postecoglou swung this round, sharing a video clip with the phrase We Never Stopped was a masterful decision, fans got behind the new boss who spoke their language and delivered their type of football with results and trophies as proof.

There has been signs in recent weeks that the support isn’t quite in sync with the club executives.

Transfer activity has been slow but the same can’t be said for the constant launching of must have training and leisure wear imploring customers to part with their cash to underline how they are real fans.

Support and relationships are a two way affair, if one side is short changing the other is going to react- often with interest.

Trying to dress up a goal-less first half against St Johnstone as a strong display doesn’t wash with Celtic supporters who are watching stale, predictable football.

The bulk of the Postecoglou years were a pleasure to watch, being served up an inferior product and spun a line about how good things are isn’t going down well.

Ahead of the launch of Champions League ticket sales this week Celtic’s social media team should be walking on egg shells, aware of sensitivities and treating customers with a modicum of respect.


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