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‘A hideous desecration’ ‘howling and sickly’ ‘Stained glass? Stained eyeballs ye mean!’ Celtic feel the backlash from angry fans

Social media really is a two way street.

You can reach over five million views when you announce a new manager but when you release a honkin new home kit and try and pass it off as ‘a modern twist on the traditional hoops’ you are inviting an incredible backlash.

A few fans have reacted favourably but it appears that more than 90% are very hostile to the 23/24 home kit with that figure rising by 9% for the long sleeve version.

The kit has been heavily leaked but most fans took it with a handful of salt, assuming that it was a wind-up as a couple of images appeared on social media.

On an individual bases you could probably get away with one deviation from the classic look but throwing together jaggy hoops, black stripes and the ‘stained glass’ look is way too much for one kit to cope with. A gold sponsors logo thrown on top of green, white and black is a few steps too far.

Celtic, Adidas and JD Sports all have extensive social media reach, this weekend they are all dealing with a similar backlash with fans left wondering who inside the club gave final approval for the horrendous kit that the players will wear in the new season.

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