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Is he on it? I’m not so sure. I’m not feeling it. Something going on we don’t know about? Matt McGlone asks if Rodgers a broken man

In keeping with the performances of his team on the park Brendan Rodgers appears lost and purposeless off the park.

The Irishman exuded complete confidence for most of his first stint at the club, even leading upto his overnight departure to Leicester City he was delivering results, signing off with a 4-1 win over Motherwell.

Second time around Rodgers is barely recognisable leading to the inevitable question that he realises that he made a mistake by returning and giving his endorsement to the ‘new regime’.

One look at the podium for the AGM would kick that notion into touch, there has been slight movement in chairs but the same Grey Suits are in place topped up by increased smugness after they landed lucky with Ange Postecoglou.

The success of the former Australian international boss allowed the appointment of Mark Lawwell and Daddy last year to go largely unquestioned with fans mesmerised with Angeball after the horrors of the Lockdown season.

After the rejection and dejection of Leicester City Rodgers must have been hurting, the timing of his sacking and Tottenham’s interest in Postecoglou was virtually perfect, probably against his instinct Rodgers’ ego convinced him that he could return to Celtic and the adulation he craves.

Dermot Desmond made the initial contact, an incredible inditement on the competence of his CEO and Chairman, soon after Michael Nicholson and Chris McKay were dispatched to Mallorca with details leaked to the media about the impending return.

Rodgers bought into it fully, in June he drooled over the fantastic work of Mark Lawwell in recruitment ahead of seven signings that have contributed even less than some of Daddy’s biggest duds like Vakoun Bayo, Youssuf Mulumo, Boli Bolingoli, Ismaila Soro, Patryk Klimala, Albian Ajeti and Vasilis Barkas.

By the time of the 2023 AGM the manager was claiming that he had the final say on signings, later than month he was complaining about the lack of quality in his own signings.

Six months into his return Celtic are in a mess than even the most brilliant transfer window won’t turn around.

The suspicions of the support about those running the club are being mirrored by the manager who has effectively disassociated himself from a Treble winning squad and the brilliant recruitment of Lawwell Mini.

Neil Lennon was in a similar situation three years ago, only remaining in a job because no credible alternative would work under the outdated structure of the club highlighted by horrendous recruitment from a so-called transfer strategy.

Finally it took 104 days to find a replacement. A repeat of that chapter in the search for Rodgers’ successor will make yesterday’s protests mild in comparison, tellingly the entitled customers are no longer kept at arms length watching a disastrous season unfold on streams.

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