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Derek Rae instantly trashes SFA claims over amazing success of VAR

The VAR results published by the SFA have instantly been trashed by Derek Rae.

With all the credibility of the North Korean Government or the Celtic board of directors the SFA announced to Premiership clubs the results of an independent review of VAR decisions.

A total of 407 decisions taken by John Beaton, Alan Muir, Steven McLean, David Dickinson and friends were reviewed with just three, less than one per cent found to have been made in error.

The independent panel only reviewed incidents where VAR intervened, not included were the numerous off the ball assaults on Celtic players or handball incidents involving Ibrox stars.

In contrast to the so-called transparency of the SFA, in the Bundesliga they review the whole match and pick up on mistakes in order that officials can learn and improve.

Under Crawford Allan and Ian Maxwell the review was simply to provide assurances to match officials that a run of 67 matches without awarding an SPFL penalty against the Ibrox Tribute Act has the full approval of the authorities. Andrew Dallas will be on VAR duty for Sunday’s match at Pittodrie.

Rae started his media career in Scotland before moving to the USA where he is a specialist in German football.

A recent match between Eintracht Frankfurt and Borussia Dortmund included two errors over 90 minutes, according to the SFA an error occurs in one match out of 135!

The last time that a Scottish referee was appointed for a major championship was in 2016 when Willie Collum was sent home after two matches at the European Championship.

No Scottish officials are expected to be involved at next summer’s European Championships in Germany.

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  • by John Copeland
    Posted November 24, 2023 2:21 pm 0Likes

    I believe VAR is in operation because the game’s governing bodies are implying that referees and their assistants are not up to the job in hand …bad at their jobs ! So when the same people who are so inept and incompetent at officiating football matches are given the task of trying to be competent at the job of organising and operating a legitimate VAR system , we thus have the lunatics running the asylum !

    We have the embarrassing situation where decisions are being made on a game by game basis from men whose bosses know can’t do the job properly in the first place ,yet are allowed to cause humiliation for the paying and watching public .

    The end result ? Excuses after excuses after excuses ! It’s like a guy who loses his company fortunes of money with his crazy decisions …then gets a promotion and a big fat juicy bonus !

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