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‘Big Sutty is living inside his head – rent free’ ‘Guy dances on TikTok for likes’ ‘Not enough wit for a half wit’ Cantwell is destroyed again by social media own goal

Apparently TikTok thinks that big Sutty is an attention seeker!

One is a star of Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Threads, the other is in demand from Sky Sports, the Daily Mail, BBC 5 Live and the Daily Record.

In his sad little mind the former Norwich City starlet believes that Chris Sutton hits out at Cantwell to gain attention, to try and remain relevant.

Eighteen years after his last appearance for Celtic Sutton is more relevant than Cantwell has ever been, with a new manager in town TikTok really should have other priorities than playing to the gallery by having a go at a proven success, a full internationalist and a title winner in Scotland and England.

Micky Beale tried the same tactic, charming the bears by slagging off Sutton but earlier this month the failed former Charlton youth team star was sacked after 10 months of failure at Ibrox.

It says a lot about Beale’s judgement that Cantwell was probably his best signing- what a legacy for Philippe Clement to take on.

In January of this year, with no interest from clubs in England, Cantwell left Norwich for Ibrox and immediately played up to the fans with a crash course in staunchness. It has worked, alongside Nico Raskin he has avoided the abuse that has poured down on Cyriel Dessers, Sam Lammers and others signed by Beale.

Six weeks on from his last match Cantwell is dependent on his social media audience to retain any sort of profile, he knows the formula well and appeals straight to the instincts of the Deluded & Gullible.

Streetwise Sutton has avoided responding to the latest blast of self pity from the Ibrox ace, just like in his playing days he’ll pick his time and his moment before firing back. His diary is a little busier than the ‘young influencer’.

It didn’t end well for Beale, without doubt Cantwell’s joust with Sutton is going in exactly the same direction.

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