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Do your talking on the pitch- Listen as Chris Sutton puts TikTok Todd back in his box

Chris Sutton has responded to the self-pitying claims of Todd Cantwell that the former Blackburn Rovers title winner is an attention seeker.

It seems that understanding the media is a bit of a problem for Cantwell who, at the age of 25, has still to win anything in football.

Sutton used the It’s All Kicking Off podcast by the Daily Mail to spell out some basics to the former Norwich City starlet.

As well as the Daily Mail Sutton is also paid for his views by Sky Sports, BBC Five Live and the Daily Record, the clue is in the phrase ‘his views’.

Only in BBC Scotland do you get paid for being boring and bland, elsewhere, in the commercial world you are expected to give opinions and back them up.

Sutton covers Scottish football for Sky Sports and the Daily Record, within the space of nine months at Ibrox Cantwell has lost four times to Celtic. In both cup competitions at Hampden and in the SPFL at Ibrox and Celtic Park. It seems that the midfield ace is sensative to any suggestion that he might be a serial loser.

In those circumstances it is best to keep a low profile, keep your head down then when you win a match of significance you can fire back at your critics.

Cantwell likes to do things differently, playing to the gallery to illustrate to Ibrox fans his commitment seems to be the way even though his run of defeats contributed to the sacking of Micky Beale 10 months into the job.

Responding through It’s All Kicking Off, Sutton said:

There’s always a way back. I am not sure that football is his biggest focus or he focuses enough on football.

And a little bit like he should learn from what’s happened to Michael Beale. The Rangers fans eventually saw through Michael Beale and the same thing could happen to Todd Cantwell if he doesn’t start performing on the pitch.

He’s been at Rangers, whatever anybody wants to say, he has been part of teams in the big moments where he just hasn’t performed. And that’s it.

Michael Beale ended up losing his job because of it and people will see through Todd. Just keep your head down.

We talked about Aaron Ramsdale. Aaran Ramsdale’s comments about social media, he turns his notifications off. His focus is on football and football alone.

Getting involved in social media spats. I don’t get it. If I was flying and if I was playing well then maybe so.

But when you haven’t kicked a ball consistently for three seasons and you’re sort of blaming everybody else for that, maybe you just sometimes going to take a look at yourself and think I’m going to focus on myself. Not on other things which are going on around me.

Beale, without a single appearance in senior football, claimed that Sutton was the worst Chelsea player ever, an award held jointly by Brian Laudrup and Robert Fleck.

Sutton on Cantwell 11 minutes 30 seconds.


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