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BBC Scotland go public on their Celtic ban

BBC Scotland have spoken out about not being invited to Celtic’s media conferences on Thursday when Brendan Rodgers and Callum McGregor were interviewed by other broadcasters.

During seven years of a stand off with the club from Ibrox the state broadcaster never once explained their lack of post match interviews despite continuing to screen highlights of matches from Ibrox.

Celtic have been well known for their anything goes media policy where outlets can make the most outrageous claims while being assured of the red carpet treatment with invites to shared media conferences.

Broadcast media get their own slot, daily newspapers given exclusive access then towards the end of the week Celtic provide content to Sunday newspapers that is tucked away to appear on websites at 10.30pm on Saturday night.

The appointment of Brendan Rodgers did come with a media focus on an expected hostile and negative reaction from Celtic fans. They were disappointed, they didn’t get the reaction that they had hoped for.

Faced with Enzo Maresca or Kjetil Knutsen most supporters, probably 80% plus going by online polls realised that if Rodgers wanted the job he was by far the best candidate to replace Ange Postecoglou.

Showing the complete lack of judgement that has characterised his career, Tom English waded into Rodgers with arrogant laddish comments, the type of chat he uses in the BBC canteen to impress Kenny Macintyre, Alasdair Lamont, Jane Lewis and big Thommo.

Surprisingly, not long after Celtic decided not to invite the BBC to the media conference announcing the return of Rodgers and the opportunity to question the returning boss.

Showing that decision wasn’t a one off the BBC were left off the invite list for Thursday’s media conferences.

On Friday BBC Scotland commented on the situation with the Daily Record reporting:

In a statement broadcast on Reporting Scotland, they said that that Celtic have not yet responded to their queries as they look for a solution. The message reads: “You may be wondering why there was no appearance by Brendan Rodgers in our report. BBC News and Sport are being refused access to Celtic news conferences at the moment. The club has been contacted and is yet to respond.”

BBC Scotland has an exclusive contract with the SPFL for live radio commentary of matches which starts today with the match against Ross County.

Part of that contract provides pre and post-match one on one interviews with the competing managers. Celtic are expected to comply with that but while English and others sneer on the sidelines it seems unlikely that the state broadcaster will be invited back to media conferences put up by Celtic.

One obvious solution would be to put the clueless English on mute or if he must be heard leave him to egg-chasing which no-one in Scotland is interested in except for a few booze parties a year at Murrayfield where Hamish and pals put on kilts and act like middle class yobs.

With Celtic putting their broadcast conferences up on You Tube within an hour of finishing fans can access the content without paying the licence fee that keeps BBC Scotland active.

Other broadcasters are capable of asking decent questions, it’s not as if folk like Macintyre, Brian McLaughlin, Lamont, Lewis or Kheredine Idesanne have ever asked a question of interest to Celtic supporters.

Macintyre is the only one out of that lot to have the honesty to admit to the club he supports with the others suffering beyond belief over the last decade as they’ve tried to put a brave, professional face on seasons of constant Celtic success.

Five Celtic trebles in seven seasons wasn’t their motivation to applying for a job with BBC Scotland.

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  • by andrew mcdowall
    Posted August 5, 2023 10:54 am 0Likes

    About time Celtic banned the BBC 😡 Tory loving BBC

  • by John Copeland
    Posted August 5, 2023 10:55 am 0Likes

    Why has it taken so long for Celtic FC to disregard BBC Scotland sport ? If and when the publicly funded broadcaster returns to bland questioning at pressers etc , Celtic must ask it to explain fully and categorically why the BBC uses our money to recruit so many ex illegal , tax dodging the Rangers recipients of EBT’s and why there are so many the Rangers supporting affiliates employed to give commentary to their huge pet project ?

    Where is the equality levels as far as commentators and their allegiance to the tribute act and the other clubs in the leagues and why is it so obviously skewed to the Rangers ! Are you crooked Mr /Ms head of BBC Scotland ? Why is the organisation so partial towards one clumpany ?That would be the first part of the inquiry …..

  • by John
    Posted August 5, 2023 3:04 pm 0Likes

    Totally agree with your assessment. Celtic should have done this years ago.
    However I take issue with your rugby comments. You may not like but there are a lot of Celtic fans who watch and attend rugby games especially watching Scotland.

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