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Celtic release Brendan Rodgers interview as he discusses Scales, Simeone, Tynecastle tickets and St Roch’s

Celtic have released an interview with Brendan Rodgers from behind the Celtic TV paywall onto You Tube.

The club has made a couple of changes this season to it’s media relations with one of the main features being a switch towards keeping broadcast content in-house.

Up until last season there would be an all in broadcast conference on a Friday, so far this season that has taken place on a Thursday with some of the impact defused by having an in-house ahead of the traditional media invite.

So far this season BBC Scotland have been left off the invite list which has gone down well with most supporters, with the conference quickly put up on You Tube it can be viewed directly by supporters without having one or two quotes highlighted and twisted by the state broadcaster.

Liam Scales was the main focus of this week’s Celtic TV interview although Rodgers also discusses the away ticket allocation at Tynecastle, facing Diego Simeone in the Champions League and dropping in on St Roch’s after starting his Sunday in Mallorca.

Liam Scales

It’s just I hadn’t seen a lot of Liam. I didn’t see a lot of him at Aberdeen but probably the feeling was for him and around the club that he wanted to go and play and continue playing.

Over the course of pre-season, he had played, but maybe with one eye on thinking he was leaving but I said to him you just never know. Just stay, work hard, stay focused. It’s not so much in Scotland because he’s played in Scotland in a really good club in Aberdeen, so has shown that he can play.

The big surprise for me was when he stepped up to the Champions League level. He looked accomplished and did very, very well.

In a matter of weeks he has gone from a player who has established himself in the team, – and he knows he needs to keep that consistent level – but he’s gone from thinking he’s maybe leaving to playing regularly in the team, to playing in the Champions League and making his international debut.

That’s how football can work for you if you stay focused, work hard and stay concentrated and I’m delighted for him. Consistency is the name of the game for him.

St Johnstone

In that game, there were lots of elements where there was, believe it or not, too much thinking going on in the game.

I like players not just to run but to think and run. But there was a bit more thinking going into it than what needed to be.

From there, we were able to identify areas on the field and continue with the game model in how we’ve been working and from that point, the players have been brilliant.

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