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Doubling Down! Joey Barton steps up his amazing Twitter meltdown

Joey Barton has continued with an incredible Twitter meltdown after letting rip with his feelings about women in football.

It seems that after a few years of brushing up on his image the former Ibrox star has reverted back to his true self, the violent thug that spent 100 days in Strangeways Prison after finally pushing his luck too far.

For a while Barton cashed in on the myth that he had turned his life around, that he had been misinterpreted, cynically hitching on to the Hillsborough issues to develop credibility.

In the summer of 2016 that notion was smashed to pieces with a move to Ibrox, a clear attempt at rabble rousing with a misguided footballer brought in to whip the Gullible & Deluded into a frenzy.

All the hype and bad mouthing ended at Celtic Park on 10 September 2016 as Scott Brown and friends ran rings round Barton and his arrogant team-mates. The aftermath saw Barton serve three club suspensions before he departed Murray Park with his coffee machine.

A brief spell back at Burnley ended in humiliation when he was suspended for 12 months for multiple betting transactions, forcing his retirement from playing.

Nondescript spells in management at Fleetwood and Bristol Rovers followed as he flirted with becoming a media personality, after the last 24 hours on Twitter even TalkSPORT are likely to resist the call to put him on air leaving the way clear for im to join GB News where he can link up with Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees-Mogg.

It looks like Barton’s media future will be on TalkSPORT and lads podcasting.


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