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Team Yellow- Footy Headlines details Celtic away kit for 24/25

Celtic will use a mainly yellow away kit for the 24/25 season with the new kit to be unveiled away to Hibs on August 11.

For a couple of months from the spring time there is speculation over new season kits but when Footy Headlines publishes the debate ends.

Last month Celtic released their 24/25 home kit to popular acclaim, returning to a far more traditional look after last season’s ‘stained glass’ look with black introduced to the hoops.

Under Adidas black has been the preferred colour for the away kit, that has proved to be popular but a brighter new look is bound to sell well with a release expected later this month.

Footy Headlines reports:

The new Adidas Celtic FC 2024-25 away football jersey is predominantly yellow (“Team Yellow”). The yellow base of the Celtic 24-25 away shirt is combined with accents in two shades of green, one dark and one brighter.

Specifically, the main design element of the new Celtic away kit is a horizontal pinstripe pattern in both shades of green. The accents colors also appear in the other elements of the Adidas template as well as the simplified club badge.

The Celtic Football Club 24-25 away shirt has similar colours to the 18-19 third kit, the last season that New Balance was Celtic’s kit sponsor.

Celtic and Adidas are in the final year of their five year contract with an increasing number of releases season on season.

On the back of a treble success under Ange Postecoglou five different football shirts were released alongside a variety of training wear. The origins plain hooped kit was a limited edition while an Irish heritage range was released in March, used by players pre-match but neither kit saw the light of day in a competitive or friendly match.

Celtic fans had longed for an Adidas deal, unfortunately it came in during the Lockdown season of 20/21 which restricted sales from a campaign that most fans would rather forget.

It would seem certain that another deal will be struck with Adidas based on very healthy sales volumes, other firms are likely to be interested but it seems that the three stripes has a special hold on the minds and bank cards of the Celtic support.

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  • by BriBhoy
    Posted July 3, 2024 2:50 pm 0Likes

    Looks OK, but I wish they’d stop replacing the club badge with what looks like a three-year-old’s attempt to draw it.

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