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Up there with the Spivs- ITK bear trashes the Daily Record’s Ibrox deflection exercise

Following a well worn Ibrox tradition the current regime have turned to the Daily Record with a classic deflection exercise as they leak out the news that home game will be played at Hampden for the foreseeable future.

Dave Murray mastered the technique before he accepted a pound coin from a non-billionaire, soon afterwards the Record was explaining to their army of readers that Sir Dave had been duped. Some bears believed that yarn!

Keith Jackson is well used to the template and didn’t require much encouragement to stick the boot into James ‘petrol head’ Bisgrove.

The smooth talking Londoner is now enjoying a million pound tax free salary in Saudi Arabia while Jackson makes wacky video clips as the Daily Record tries to discover a digital life-boat with print sales under 50,000 per day.

Overnight the Record published two pieces on the closure of Ibrox which basically put all of the blame on the recently departed CEO with Chairman John ‘Bulldog’ Bennett working 24/7 to get bears back inside their beloved stadium.

After more than a decade of misery watching Celtic piling up treble after treble some influential bears are starting to see through the spin that they are being fed.

The timeline laid out by the Record doesn’t add up, there are gaps all over the place and leaking hard luck stories to the fading Glasgow publisher doesn’t really wash in 2024.

Empire is a staff member on Follow Follow, one of the fan media outlets that has a ticket to the media gantry and an invite to media conferences.

His hostility to Bennett and using the Record is clear, more and more bears are starting to question the leadership that has banked their Season Ticket money then taken a vow of silence.

Empire, Ibrox, Bisgrove


Since announcing the problems with the reconstruction work on the Copland Road Stand on June 20 there has been no on the record follow up from the club.

All sorts of rumours are flying around ranging from disturbing asbestos to ordering the wrong size of steel and all sorts of scenarios in-between.

Rather than put it down to ‘Timmy porn’ many loyal bears are taking notice of the trail of events, the denials and deflections with Bisgrove a very convenient Bogeyman.

Unless Bennett comes out today and gives a clear update on the problems caused, when they will be fixed and when Ibrox will be reopened there is no other conclusion than the club is briefing the Record to keep Season Ticket holders sweet.

That script didn’t end well for Murray or Craig Whyte, all of the signs suggest that things are moving in the same direction but without a Charles Green figure to come in and pick up the pieces.

CLICK HERE for Ibrox messenger lets slip over December re-opening.

CLICK HERE for Ibrox closure announcement.

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