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‘Two games and you are out the door’ ‘Do you have a clue?’ ‘drop Tavernier’ Ibrox fans turn spectacularly on Beale

Two days after losing at Kilmarnock there is no sign of attitudes mellowing among angry bears.

If anything the backlash against the manager has intensified although sending John Lundstram out to face the media today was never going to be a crowd pleaser.

The scary Scouser is a member of Beale’s Leadership team which many angry fans would like to see chased out of the club like Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent.

Unfortunately Lundstram has a year left on his lucrative contract, whether Beale lasts as long as that is open to debate after Saturday’s defeat at Kilmarnock.

The former QPR boss had eight months to prepare for the match, selected his own signings without having to consult with a Sporting Director and watched them fall on their faces at Rugby Park.

Any defeat or draw would have been unacceptable but the manner of the defeat, without any redeeming feature, shocked fans who were expecting an exciting brand of football based on the best of Real Madrid, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Instead they got a pedestrian paced selection, a narrow formation and worst of all a complete lack of fight and interest from the moment that Kilmarnock went in front.

It seems that the entitled mindset of the fans has spread into the dressing room where the players think that they are playing at some elite level club.

The love/hate relationship with James Tavernier was back to the fore. One week he is a Hall of Famer shamefully overlooked by England the next he is a serial loser, the root cause of Celtic’s run of dominance, with five Trebles celebrated on Tav’s watch.

Saturday’s underwhelming display from the former Wigan utility man sprinting across the pitch to take a throw-in away from Lundstram, and producing nothing in particular.

Afterwards Tav trotted out his favoured excuses about being disappointed and having to do better in the next match, responsibilities to the fans and the usual sound-bites.

Beale and the Ibrox PR team are constantly tracking social media with much of the club’s policies formed from the most extreme views on forums and fan sites.

Getting Todd Cantwell into tomorrow’s starting XI would be a good start but would involve dropping one of the celebrated summer signings.

A strong start of the front foot against Sevette is essential, Beale wants to delay as long as possible the first audible groan when Tav gets skinned by some nippy winger of Borna Barisic races to the halfway line, slams on the brakes and returns to face goal.

Cyriel Dessers is already being unfavourably compared to Alfredo Morelos, bearing in mind last season’s contribution from the Columbian that isn’t the sort of conversation that a new signing wants to hear.

After Saturday Beale is on notice. Any more setbacks before facing Celtic on September 3 will see the pressure become unbearable, not the sort of circumstances for a legendary bibs and comes man to make the step up to real football management.

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