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‘An excuse to fail’ ‘hugely damaging’ ‘self inflicted blow’ Record reporters give their verdict on Ibrox stadium shambles

The movers and shakers at Daily Record Sport have voiced their concerns over the closure of Ibrox.

No detail or timeline was revealed in Thursday’s statement beyond blaming a mystery Asian supplier while media messengers claimed that the club has sacked someone over the issue.

Barry Ferguson is expecting a four week closure, most folk looking at the issues would be surprised if Ibrox is back in use before November.

There is very little coverage of the problems in the mainstream media where it seems that the exciting arrival of Connor Barron has provided a well times deflection.

Ibrox can certainly be ruled out for August when it should have hosted two of the most valuable matches of the season with Phil Clement’s side having to get through two rounds of qualifiers to join Celtic in the Champions League.

The first batch of SPFL fixtures should include the demanding trips away to Celtic, Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen, Fortress Ibrox won’t be hosting morale boosting fixtures at home to Ross County, St Johnstone or St Mirren.

When Celtic suspended tickets to the Green Brigade it was given blanket coverage in the legacy media title, the Union Bears will be homeless when the season kicks off with barely a mention in the legacy media.

Tucked away in their Saturday Morning Jury, the Daily Record popped the question to their star names.

Rangers face having to shift their August fixtures away from Ibrox after a construction cock-up – what does it mean for the Light Blues’ Champions League prospects?

KEITH: It’s another self-inflicted wound and it gives Philippe Clement and his players an excuse to fail before a ball has been kicked. No wonder the slippery James Bisgrove couldn’t wait to get out of town.

SCOTT: It’s hugely damaging and a major blow to Philippe Clement ahead of the new season. This shambolic episode could cost them early in the title race, as well as the Champions League qualifiers which are potentially worth £60million. Heads should roll at Ibrox.

MICHAEL: It’s a bit of a nightmare. These games are hard enough without removing the usual Ibrox atmosphere. It’s a pain for fans as well and the hassle in general will make it tougher on all fronts for Rangers.

The vague nature of Thursday’s statement creates much more questions than answers but there has been no follow up details other than the usual suspects pointing the blame at a mystery club employee who has been sacked as John Bulldog Bennett grabs control.

A number of costs are up and running with the goalmouth in front of the Copland Road Stand covered up since mid-May.

Whatever the story is over the Asian contractor the club will have to hire plant and workers over a longer period while the tills at Ibrox and New Edminston House are denied their biggest pay days.

Hospitality clients are unable to use their usual facilities with additional MyGers points unlikely to be suitable compensation after shelling out thousands in May for their slice of the action.

All of the above don’t take account of the Asbestos rumours, if Asbestos has been disturbed the costs will rocket alongside the delays while Mister Clement is expected to put a team on the park capable of challenging Celtic domestically while hitting the Champions League jackpot without kicking a ball at Ibrox.

It all promises to be a summer of fun with the team at the Record doing their best to deflect away from the real issues, following the well used template set up in 2011 to introduce a billionaire from Motherwell.

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  • by John Copeland
    Posted June 22, 2024 2:03 pm 0Likes

    Expect a whole new range of strips and clothing from C&A store ,to help pay for the exorbitant costs to make over the ancient Ibrox stadium ? Third , fourth and fifth away strips , £70 sovs a pop , all with inferior materials , will be the price to pay for the privilege of trying to patch-up the ‘ big hoose ‘ ! Meanwhile the nodding dogs SMSM salivate about how nice Ibrox Park will look after the work gets done ? Sale of hazardous chemicals face masks at the turnstiles will also be a nice little earner too ?

  • by BriBhoy
    Posted June 22, 2024 8:14 pm 0Likes

    Yeah I think you’re spot on there John. The school PTA level organisation that passes for a commercial department at the Asbestos Arena will definitely be in overdrive, desperately trying to punt even more sweatshop tat to the gullibillies to plug the financial hole this will leave. No doubt we we will also see a few special, one-off, commemorative kits celebrating their “cultural” icons like Billy Fullerton, Bill the Butcher, Oswald Moseley, Nigel Farage and Hitler. Or maybe an origins kit celebrating whatever mutant experimentation lab created them.

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