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I believe the asbestos rumours are genuine- ITK Ibrox fan drops bombshell news

Staff member Empire on Follow Follow believes that asbestos problems is the real reason behind Ibrox being put out of use for the start of the season.

There has been talk on social media over the last few weeks over problems and delays in the ‘improvements’ to the Copland Road Stand that will create a new disabled section and add 600 seats to the stadium.

Unable to hold the story back any further this afternoon the club made a 115 word statement confirming that they are in talks with the SPFL and UEFA about fixture problems for the start of the season.

An Asian supplier has been blamed for the delay but it seems like the problem may be much more serious that a couple of tonnes of concrete or a few steel beams.




Empire is one of the most trusted member of Follow Follow, often confirming transfer news and other important issues.

Having sat on the asbestos story for 10 days it seems that it is time to prepare the loyal bears for further bad news.

It has long been suspected that the 1929 built Main Stand at Ibrox is riddled with asbestos, maintenance has been badly neglected over the last 20 years as the impact of financial problems bites deep.

The three other stands were all built around 1980 with much of the material supplied by Murray International Metals which opened the door for Sir Dave to buy control of the club.

If there are asbestos issues with the Copland Road Stand it is safe to assume that the Govan and Broomloan Stands have the same problems.

That could result in a very costly rebuild or more likely the club having to relocate to Hampden for a lengthy period- assuming that the funds are in place to rebuilt Ibrox in its entirety.

There are parallels between this story and the tax issues that forced Murray into the sale of the club to Craig Whyte with administration and liquidation following within 13 months of a pound coin being rolled across an oak-panelled desk in Charlotte Square.

Back then the rumours of serious problems were laid at the feet of obsessed Selik fans while Ibrox supporters buried their heads in the sand as their club imploded, blaming various others when the tax problems were created entirely in-house.

There has been speculation for a few years about the asbestos in the Main Stand and the decaying state of the other three stands which are now over 40 years old.

If asbestos has been found in the Copland Road Stand it could kick start a serious of unfortunate events similar to the Metropolitan Police discovering side letters of interest to HMRC when they raided Ibrox in July 2007.

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1 Comment

  • by John Copeland
    Posted June 21, 2024 11:58 am 0Likes

    And the narrative is that the shiny new work on the ancient ‘ big hoose ‘ shall be completed by the end of August ? Good luck with that ! If the Environmental Health dept , the Building Control dept and the Glasgow Fire Brigade Department all does their testing work properly and correctly , who knows what other faults and horror stories they will find at the crumbling stadium ?

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