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The final straw in a streak of calamitous self harming decisions- Ibrox fans fear closure till October

There is a surprising amount of reality among Ibrox fans about yesterday’s statement that their home ground won’t be available for the start of the season.

While the cheerleaders and media messengers are warning of a month long closure most fans are expecting to be away from Ibrox for a far longer period with a knock on effect on performances and finances.

Some are even suggesting that it will impact on the Clement Revolution! with the Belgian possibly considering his position within the club.

There was virtually no detail in Thursday’s 115 word debate other than blaming ‘an Asian supplier’ when the real culprits are in-house, drawing a salary with many in Executive positions.

Some messengers have claimed that a Project Manager has been sacked, probably with a Non Disclosure Agreement or an Employment Tribunal will soon be called.

Pointing at the Asian supplier accompanied by a month long closure seems a typical deflection exercise, there are likely to be a multitude of reasons behind yesterday’s statement.



The discovery of asbestos is likely, if it has been disturbed or fractured the consequences are huge although Health and Safety at Glasgow City Council are historically sympathetic.

It seems that no work has been carried out at weekends or into the evenings despite the light nights, sourcing materials from Asian suggests that every corner in the budget has been cut.

All of this has been done on the watch of Executive Chairman John Bennett who took on the role of departing CEO James Bisgrove on May 28, a fortnight after work on the stand got underway.

Many of the Ibrox board members have business interests in Asia, it seems that they were out the loop on this or were benefitting just like Dave Murray in his pomp with Murray International Metals.

A closure into October means that there will be no group stage football at Ibrox, regulations insist that clubs use the same ‘home’ stadium for each of their group stage matches unless there are exceptional circumstances, this is a case of self harm, nothing else.

Finally there has been a crane on the pitch, in the goalmouth for more than a month which will have killed the grass underneath, as long as the crane is in place the pitch is unplayable.

All of this and more is now out in the open, much like the cash crisis that followed defeats to Malmo and Maribor in August 2011, ice cream and jelly manufacturers could be in for a bumper summer- as long as they aren’t dependent on Asian suppliers.

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