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‘Bennett is a complete and utter disgrace’ ‘It’s to time to go!!!’ ‘Absolutely embarrassing’ Angry bears turn on Bennett over statement OG

Phil Clement’s side might be playing home matches at Hampden next season and Chairman John Bennett might provide Season Ticket holders with an update on the closure of Ibrox before the end of this month. Or he might not.

Three weeks after confirming the internet speculation that there were serious problems with building work on the Copland Road Stand the club Chairman has come out with a statement that creates more questions than answers.

Talks over renting Hampden are ongoing with no timeline set for Ibrox to reopen to 46,000 Season Ticket holders.

With the start of the SPFL Premiership season just over three weeks away Bennett has been unable to secure a home ground to fulfil fixtures, with no date set for when Ibrox will reopen there is no point in trying to reverse early season fixtures.

Bennett told his club website:

First I’d like to apologise on behalf of the club for the uncertainty that this delayed project has caused to our season ticket holders, hospitality clients, partners and the wider support of this football club.

The number of variables in this situation has made it extremely difficult to bring the one thing we all crave – certainty.

Nevertheless, we are closing in on the most immediate solution – a suitable venue at which to fulfil our fixtures and house our support.

While the ongoing delay means that the club is unable to fix a date for our return to Ibrox, we anticipate that this will become clearer upon delivery of the necessary materials to Glasgow.

Rangers thanks the Scottish FA and the SPFL for their strong support in working to this solution.

The club wholeheartedly appreciates the continued patience of our supporters while we work through this most trying of situations. I intend to give a fuller, personal update by the end of July.

If the purpose of that statement was to inform and reassure supporters it has badly backfired.

Dozens of questions are being asked about Hampden where the seating and viewing is significantly poorer than at Ibrox outside the South Stand.

It is more than a month since the first rumours surfaced that there were problems with the building project. At the Fan Advisory Board meeting on June 17 that issue was raised with reassurances given that all was well.

Three days later the announcement of the closure was made followed by briefing media messengers with Barry Ferguson confirming to Daily Record readers that the closure was only for August.

Two SPFL Premiership fixtures are scheduled for Ibrox in August, at least one European tie and a 50-50 chance of a home match in the League Cup.

A new pitch is currently being sewn at Hampden with the target being to be ready in time for Scotland’s Nations League tie with Poland on September 5.

That plan will now have to be shelved with the SFA allowing three to five matches to be played at Hampden before the international team are in action.

With Queens Park and Scotland already committed to fixtures at Hampden the surface is in for a punishing time after a rushed job to put in place a ‘lay and play’ surface.

There is some good news for Ibrox fans with Scott Wright in advanced talks over a contract extension, an announcement might be made before the end of July, or maybe not.

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