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He wants to make the move- Norwich fans give their Idah verdict

Adam Idah seems to be caught in a very similar situation to Mikey Johnston with Norwich fans unsure of how best to manage the Irish striker.

Both players went out on loan in January with no tears shed only to completely rip it up with performances that no-one anticipated.

Neither loan deal had a buy out clause with both players back at their parent clubs, unsure of the future but with raised profiles and interest.

While West Brom are cash strapped as they consider a way of getting Johnstone back to The Hawthorns the same can’t be said for Celtic’s interest in Idah.

The funds are there, a bid was reported to have been made and rejected last week with Norwich’s new manager, Johannes Hoff Thorup

quoted as wanting to assess Idah in pre-season training before taking a decision.

It would be a surprise if Thorup said anything else but like Johnston there is a mood among Norwich fans that following a successful loan spell now is the time to cash in on a home developed player that hasn’t quite delivered as hoped for.

The unfortunately named Sam Seaman gave his thoughts on the dilemma facing Norwich:

The question for me is whether he’s good enough to keep when Norwich could sell him for upwards of £5-6million. It is a really interesting debate, because it’s been a chicken and egg situation in terms of who’s responsible for what’s happened with Idah.

There have been a lot of external factors that he isn’t responsible for: Dean Smith’s words, Teemu Pukki’s qualities, the different styles he’s had to adapt to, the fact that he’s been used as a winger.

There are so many factors going into it, but ultimately it’s about him taking ownership and wanting to make the most of what clearly are strong abilities. He has a lot to work with, and he can score a lot of goals at Championship level.

He’s shown that in fits and starts, in big moments, and he could be a key player for Norwich going forward. But it does feel like he wants to make that move, and it’s down to Thorup and Knapper to convince him of the project if they do truly want to keep him.

Equally, you have to keep in mind that it’s never in their interest to speak negatively about Adam Idah. Even if they didn’t like as a player, although I think they do, they would gain nothing from criticising him. It’s a bit of a poker game at the moment.

Like Celtic, Norwich have yet to make any summer signings. An offer of £6m with standard add-ons would give Thorup fresh funds and protect the club from Idah being involved in a future big money move from Celtic.

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