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Spine-tingling Watch YNWA as Celtic prepare for Glasgow Derby

Possibly for the last time ever, Celtic entered the field for the Glasgow Derby surrounded by 100% of the support from the stands.

Nothing will ever quite compare with the evening of 2 February 2022 in terms of atmosphere and passion but in the brightest of daylight the fans did their best for yesterday’s clash with the victors knowing that the SPFL title would be virtually within their grasp.

Fortunately Celtic had the same midfield as Ange Postecoglou selected on that famous night, two years wiser Callum McGregor, Reo Hatate and Matt O’Riley are specialists in the fixture.

Behind them, savouring one of his last ever matches was Joe Hart, perhaps the only player on the park that could snatch a moment to look around and savour a very unique occasion as he prepares for life as a former footballer.

The former England keeper has commented recently on the spectacle of Celtic’s visits to the Toni Macaroni Arena in Livingston where he could draw on the backing of ‘away’ supporters on three sides of the ground.

Playing his second last match at his adopted home Hart came out the tunnel behind McGregor, looked around and drew in the passion needed to see his side through to the brink of a third SPFL winners medal.

As the players started to emerge from the tunnel the noise level rose, almost drowning out Glen Daly before the fans got hold of the classic Celtic anthem.

The stage was set, both sets of players lined up, the visitors with no friendly faces to smile and wave at in the stadium. Instead they were greeted with derision and contempt which is actually what they experience most weeks at Ibrox with even the Gullible & Deluded seeing through their serial losers.

Suddenly the tune changed to You’ll Never walk Alone, on occasions like this it works even in daylight as 60,000 joined together with the Gerry Marsden anthem, pumping the Celtc players up that bit more before they go off to form the huddle.

McGregor takes the lead but there are other significant figures in the group to chime in before the players break away for battle to commence, Gladiators if your name is Philippe.

Ninety plus minutes later Celtic were six points ahead at the top of the SPFL Premiership table with two matches to go. Goal difference was nudged up to plus 7 as the players took a post match bow.

It was Mission almost accomplished, next Saturday St Mirren are the visitors, bolstered by around 1,000 fans with the other 59,000 looking for another party with title 54 collected in the chase to catch up with Linfield.

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