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‘Bit of a badge kisser’ ‘He’s petulant and childish’ ‘myth of a player’ even Ibrox fans turn on TikTok Cantwell

Even the Gullible & Deluded are starting to see through their former pin-up TikTok.

It has taken the best part of 10 months for the penny to drop but there is a reason that no-one in England was interested in the former Norwich City starlet as his contract ticked down.

At the age of 25 English clubs, managers and scouts know his game. A show pony with no end product other than a massive ego totally out of proportion for his ability and achievements on the park

Step-overs don’t really mean anything, much like badge kissing and gesturing, the only thing that it’ll do is wind up and annoy team-mates who can spot a shirker a mile away.

All of that is confirmed by his obsessive use of social media, a bid to escape reality and indulge in self pity as he imagines that the world is against him.

For a while it looked like he had found the perfect home, a phoney football club and a phantom superstar- what could possibly go wrong?

The best thing that happened to Cantwell’s Ibrox career was being left on the bench for the League Cup Final against Celtic in February- instantly the former Norwich flop and Nico Raskin were escalated to saviour status.

Despite two defeats to Celtic in April winning the Dead Rubber Trophy convinced bears that all was well, having signed Cantwell and Raskin every summer signing was given instant superstar status.

There has been some claims this season that TikTok is a £10m asset but there is a bit more realism around now that Philippe Clement isn’t indulging the midfielder the same way that Micky Beale did.

When it comes to substitutions Cantwell 13 is a favourite for the Belgian to reach out for, a move in January would be welcome but Clement knows that with a £40,000 a week salary interest will be limited, exceptionally limited.

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