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The Graeme Souness questions that Ewen Cameron wouldn’t ask

Nothing brings a warmer glow to Ewen Cameron’s maroon cheeks than getting a cosy sit down with one of his Ibrox heroes.

Back in May 2018 he was running about Ibrox in a state of near ecstasy as the arrival of Mister Gerrard provided a welcome deflection from another Celtic treble.

This week there was another such moment for the celebrity DJ. Although Graeme Souness wouldn’t go near the Radio Clyde studio in Clydebank he did agree to get on the phone to discuss mutual interests with the lifelong Jambo.

Clearly there is plenty to talk about with the 70-year-old around an incredible career in the game, a European Cup winner as a player, a Scot that played at three World Cup Finals then managed clubs the size of Rangers, Liverpool, Galatasaray, Benfica, Blackburn, Torino and Newcastle.

He left school to join Spurs, is clearly steeped in football yet in his managerial prime at the age of 53 his managerial career came to a halt.

Newcastle was the last club to benefit from Souness’ experience and network of contracts, a career in management was over when he ought to have been in his prime.

In August 2005 Newcastle signed Michael Owen from Real Madrid, England’s first choice striker, a statement signing if ever there was one.

Other statements were causing interest, especially those involving Jean-Alain Boumsong who signed for Newcastle for £8m with Souness impressed by half a season of playing in Scotland after the defender had arrived from Auxerre on a free transfer.

Even in these cash rich times at Newcastle supporters still discuss that signing, as did Lord Stevens.

In the summer of 2008 the City of London Police visited Ibrox to inspect paperwork, Souness opted for an easier life in the media, knowing that he was in an environment that would never ask probing questions.


With his Sky Sports pay days over Souness is available for hire, new Ibrox CEO James Bisgrove knew the positive PR that he’d pick up among bears by associating himself with a former manager of Rangers.

Talks were leaked to friendly messengers, it seemed an ideal opportunity to stitch together the history of the two Ibrox clubs, further reassurance to the club founded by Charles Green that nothing significant had happened during 2012.

If nothing else Souness knows his price, clearly there was deep blue water between his valuation and the Ibrox CEO with no deal brokered.

For some reason Souness wanted to get part of the story out without going into great detail.

A phone call to Cameron would be picked up by the local media, lots of speculating followed and of course the DJ wouldn’t dare mention Boumsong or the issues around 2012 a year after Sir David accepted a pound coin from a former billionaire.

As well as Boumsong, Souness will be remembered by many as the man that introduced Sir David to Ibrox, the beginning of the end.

CLICK HERE for Cameron’s Twitter exchange.

CLICK HERE for the Guardian report on the Lord Stevens Inquiry.

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