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Ridiculous and hypocritcal- top English pundit calls out Statement FC over date dodging

While the Scottish media indulges in a pile-on of Dundee, Simon Jordan has called out the ridiculous statement issued from Ibrox following the Dens Park postponement.

Since the suspect postponement of the match on March 17, three days after a home defeat from Benfica there has been doubts over when the match would actually go ahead.

Following the international break April 3 looked the obvious date to play the match, there is a long standing tradition that postponed matches are rescheduled for the first date available.

Every fan in Scotland knew that playing four days ahead of facing Celtic was something that Philippe Clement wasn’t prepared to accept, meekly Neil Doncaster and the SPFL went along with that demand. Much like the ‘request’ not to have Willie Collum involved in SPFL matches.

Constant rainfall in Dundee forced Don Robertson into carrying out an 11am inspection which was passed but by 3.30pm it was GAME OFF with all sorts of anger directed at the host club headlined by a claim of negligence and unprofessionalism from Statement FC.

According to those on-message the postponement has turned Scottish football into a global laughing stock, the reality is that no-one else really cares with the quarter-finals of three European competitions taking place.

Jim White can always be called upon to parrot whatever message is required from Ibrox but Jordan is capable of independent thought even if Celtic being successful causes him some discomfort.

Listening to TalkSPORT this morning Football Scotland reports the former Crystal Palace owner taking the statement apart saying:

They could’ve played this game last week, it didn’t suit them because they were playing Celtic. This is coming from me, who wants Rangers to win the league, I like Philippe Clement and I like to see Rangers continue to progress and Celtic not dominate the SPFL and for the two Old Firm clubs to become two meaningful clubs again. I don’t quite understand why it has to be so vitriolic.

It’s right to hold yourself in the highest esteem. But standing on top of Mount Siani and looking down at everyone else as if you’re something really meaningful, and I understand that Rangers are a significant football club, but this is very high handed isn’t it and slightly unnecessary. You read it and think there’s probably a reason a lot of the SPFL clubs don’t like the Old Firm and this is probably why.

Jordan added:

There is a sense of irony about this, because this is a club that can’t get its act together with their biggest rivals to allow fans in to watch a game between the two football clubs. I imagine they are probably breaching SPFL rules by not allowing away sides to have an allocation, specifically their biggest rivals. So I think there’s an irony.

I’m not entirely sure why Rangers feel the need to have gone so robust, they may well be irritated, disappointed and playing to the gallery to the 4,000 fans they would’ve brought to the Dundee game but I think it’s a bit ridiculous and hypocritical.

If we are steeped in substance that they had the opportunity to play the game the previous week and didn’t want to, then I really don’t know where they’re coming from with this. Maybe it’s a legacy of the past of being done to them by the SPL.

The SPFL have today issued a statement confirming that the match will be played on Wednesday April 17, if Dens Park isn’t playable an alternative venue will be used- which has been the intention all along from those inside Ibrox.

In among the angry statements the Ibrox club today announced the launch of their season 24/25 Season Ticket renewals, no comment has been made over the coins and bottles thrown at Celtic employees on Sunday.

If Dundee finish in the top six they will almost certainly be given a third home match against Clement’s side.

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