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How 100 disastrous minutes turned the Daily Record into a laughing stock

It took the Daily Record one hour and 40 minutes to discover yesterday’s howler from Keith Jackson.

The Glasgow based publisher used to be known as the Day-late Record (Ranger) but in the digital age 100 minutes is a complete disaster, especially when digital is the only faint hope of securing any sort of publishing future.

Picking up on an interview given by Brendan Rodgers to Celtic TV Jackson decided to get one step ahead and have his verdict on the story put to bed in plenty of time for Thursday’s print edition, expected to sell just over 50,000 copies.

There was one small problem to overcome but the Award Winning star of the Record has been around the business long enough to overcome the outcome of last night’s match at Dundee.

Assume a win for Philippe Clement, tick the story away in draft then it would be good to go as soon as the final whistle blew at Dens Park. In the highly unlikely event of a Dundee win or draw a quick edit to change one line would sort things out. Jobs a good ‘un.



Unfortunately, just before 3pm someone at the Record clicked PUBLISH on the story and it was out there, on the website.

Soon some of those pesky internet bampots were on it with their screenshots, those wannabe and failed reporters set the Record and Jackson trending, something that they generally welcome but not in these circumstances.

Bloggers know all about mistakes, using in spelling and quickly change it to save further embarrassment, usually within minutes when they see their work published.

Incredibly it took 100 minutes for anyone at the Record to realise the howler that they had published, it remained on the website for 40 minutes after the match at Dens Park had been postponed.

At this minute publishers are cutting back big time on traditional newspaper reporters as they try to remain competitive for the digital age which is fast descending on them.

Yesterday the highest profile football journalist in the UK was made redundant. Eight years after he was snatched from The Telegraph the analytics at The Times are no longer adding up for Henry Winter. Unlike most in the cull he will have no problem finding broadcast work to replace his Times salary.

Closer to home the Scottish Daily Mail, The Scotsman and Daily Record are cutting down on the reporters covering sport, effectively in Scotland that means football.

Reach, who own the Record have been preparing for this, the Record has their own Live! Sports team as well as Football Scotland- an attempt to dress up their tired old agendas to a new audience.

The job of the Record Live! Team and Football Scotland is to scour social media for any scrap of news that can be tarted up and spun into a blockbuster story, nothing is too trivial for a contrived O** F*** headline.

Amazingly the young bucks involved failed to spot the in-house howler from the last Commander standing in the Record.

That 100 minute howler certainly provide many fan media websites with thousands of clicks to go along with the laughs out loud.

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Keith Jckson, Daily Record, Craig Whyte



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