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Spurs, Manchester United or Liverpool- Paul67 tips the next move for Mark Lawwell!

Keeping up the high standard that he has set recently Paul67 has been singing the praises of Mark Lawwell and drooling over the next move for the offspring of his favourite CEO.

Last Saturday a goal scored by Marco Tilio in the A-League was the subject of the sort of praise Dave Murray drew from the Scottish media through his glory days of the nineties.

On Tuesday Paul67 turned his focus to Kwon Hyeok-kyu, it seems that a couple of half decent performances for St Mirren have ear marked the man from the Korean Second Division for a key role in Celtic’s next Champions League campaign, which is no more than 50% likely to be next season.

Fortunately Brendan Rodgers isn’t one of the dwindling number of believers in Celtic Quick News which around 15-20 years ago was the lively, fresh mainstream alternative that thousands of Celtic fans turned to for a dose of reality.

Rather than champion the case for Celtic however CQN turned into a fansite for the Lawwell family with issues such as Resolution 12 ditched as soon as the fingerprints started getting too close to home.

Throughout the disastrous 20/21 campaign Paul67 decided to stand by his man. Right through the scandals of Leigh Griffiths, Boli Bolingoli, Vasilis Barkas, Diego Laxalt, Albian Ajeti and Dubai nothing was attributable to Peter even when the CEO realised that he had pushed his luck too far.

Since Brendan Rodgers returned to Celtic last June CQN has been very hostile, even claiming that Chris Davies had been propping the Irishman up through his success at Liverpool, Celtic and Leicester.

With the prospects of a Lawwell dynasty falling Paul67 interrupted his weekend to demonstrate his devotion to the cause:

After the work he did at CFG and his transformational time at Celtic through Postecoglou, Mark Lawwell also has significant standing in the game.  He will end up back in the English Premier League, where there is a bit of flux at the top end.

City and Chelsea are prodigious hoarders of talent, although he may prefer not to return to City and not be further contaminated by Chelsea.  Postecoglou moved for him before and could take him to Spurs.  I would keep an eye on Manchester United as a possible destination.  Their new controlling shareholder is known to respect the work of CFG and will make changes to the football and recruitment operation.

Liverpool are probably too focused on replacing Klopp than making any further senior changes.  There are lots of clubs keen to move up the food chain further down the EPL, who may also move for him.  Bookmark me if you think any other scenario is likely.  What happens next will be a measure of what walked out the door yesterday.

The glowing take of Paul67 on Peter’s boy is incredibling similar to the thoughts of David Friel in The Sun who broke the news of the resignation 15 minutes before the Celtic statement.

Mark of course worked as the Content and Information Manager on the City Football Group website before being shoehorned into a job at Celtic that he was vastly underqualified for.

The downturn in the quality of signings has been incredible since the summer of 2022 compounded by routinely handing over five year contracts to players like Alexandro Bernabei, Yuki Kobayashi, Tilio and Kwon.

Folk as hopeless as Ross Wilson give Mark hope of a career in football but the former Ibrox Star maker had sweet talked his way through Falkirk, Huddersfield and Southampton before moving on to Ibrox and Nottingham Forest. Wilson’s Daddy wasn’t involved at any of those clubs.

Mark’s Dad might be able to find him a job out of the spotlight but never again will he be leading recruitment at a club preparing for a Champions League campaign- you can bookmark that alongside Kwon, Tilio, Kobayashi and Bernabei never appearing in the new look Champions League.

NOTE: Not everything on Linkedin is truthful

CLICK HERE for Celtic’s contract contradiction.


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