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Pot and kettle as Tom English calls out media cheerleaders!

Tom English has hit out at the media cheerleading of Neil Warnock!

The veteran manager was greeted with untold joy after being appointed as Aberdeen boss with a remit to steady the ship until the end of the season after turbulent times under Barry Robson.

Mainly portrayed as a Celebrity Gammon by the English media, Warnock arrived full of gags, overwhelmed by the thrill of walking through the front door at Edmiston Drive for the first time in a business capacity.

Over the last decade Warnock has enhanced his CV with fire fighting tasks in the English Championship with Leeds, Rotherham, QPR, Middlesbrough and others getting the treatment of his short sharp shock management style.

With old school one liners thrown to the media Warnock was lapped up and celebrated wherever he went, in-between jobs he’d appear on TalkSPORT charming their audience as he waited on the next offer.

At Aberdeen he had the media in the palm of his hand, six SPFL matches without a win were largely overlooked as his big Yorkshire gob went into overdrive discussing defeats and draws in the post-match media conferences.

With his attention currently on egg-chasing English has some cheek accusing others of cheerleading, between 2010 and 2012 he turned it into an art form to such an extent he was able to accelerate the demise of The Scotsman/Scotland on Sunday and jump into the welcoming arms of BBC Scotland.

Without a worthwhile exclusive in his journalistic career English eagerly scrambled on board the Craig Whyte bandwagon, jockeying for a seat at the front alongside Keith Jackson, James Traynor and other giants of the inky trade.

A PR firm had been at work in advance burying Whyte’s dubious business past which included a seven year ban from being a director of any UK company.

The PR firm found many eager volunteers to portray the man from Motherwell in the scuffed shoes and oversized suit as the new visionary to bring joy and happiness to Ibrox, hand picked by the wizard himself, Sir David.

Internet Bampots quickly highlighted Whyte’s real business story, English scours the internet constantly as he attempts to portray the image of having many contacts. He was welcomed warmly by the BBC as an Irish voice praising the new Ibrox messiah, his enthusiasm for spreading the message knew no questions.

Mark Daly of BBC Scotland exposed Whyte’s background in October 2011, it earned the state broadcaster a ban from Ibrox, the club owner then fed his exclusives to STV while English followed orders at The Scotsman and backed his man to the hilt whenever he was called onto Sportsound.

Eventually the Daily Record ditched Whyte, all of the warnings and issues highlighted by the Internet Bampots about the dangers of the former billionaire were proved to be correct.

He didn’t own a Highland castle, he had borrowed money to take on the debt after handing Sir Dave a pound coin and had borrowed money based on future Season Ticket sales to bank roll Ally McCoist’s transfer war-chest.

Some Bampots even claimed that after losing to Malmo and Maribor Whyte stopped paying Income Tax and National Insurance to Her Majesty. Over at the Scotsman English laughed out loud, those pesky bampots had his new hero all wrong, no wonder none of them could get a job in the real media.

Shortly before Whyte tossed a pound coin across the table into the gasping hand of Murray, English informed Scotsman readers:

Whyte still wants to buy the club but if he feels he’s being taken for a ride by the directors he may still withdraw. That’s the great fear. That Whyte disappears and then the other bidder finds that they can’t deliver the money. Rangers would be back to Square One at that point.

What Lloyds make of all this will be interesting. They have a deal with Whyte. And David Murray has a deal with Whyte. David Murray has in the past criticised Paul Murray and King and Douglas Park, who may also involved in the consortium, for sniping from the shadows. If there is any substance to them at all, it’s time they proved it. There is no immediate end to this affair. It’s Rangers’ good fortune, though, that Whyte’s determination is so strong. If he wasn’t so focused on this deal, he’d have had cause to pull the plug once Johnston sought to humiliate him in his strange statement.

Alas there was no happy ending for Rangers, administration was followed by liquidation, 267 creditors were left high and dry but having shown incredible commitment to the cause English escaped the accelerated death of newspapers for the comfort of BBC Scotland, financed by licence payers.

Soon he could concentrate his skills on egg-chasing, some interviews with big names from the past, some Celtic bashing and making a fool of himself on social media.

Recently his Celtic bashing went too far, a crass comment following the tragic death of Shane Warne was too difficult to resist.

His employers had to step in and apologise, even at the BBC there are some lines that you don’t cross. His anger has been bottled up as highlighted by his comment over the Warnock cheerleaders.

Hopefully some stories will soon fall his way from Gorgie Road, or better still but highly unlikely a job offer comes in from Ireland to share his knowledge of egg chasing with people that actually care about it.

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Tom English

Ha Ha- he certainly fooled the cheerleader at The Scotsman

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