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Arsenal fans ask ‘Why can’t Kieran Tierney get a start’ as Celtic solution remains live

As the close season gives way to pre-season there is one apparently far fetched Celtic transfer story that is gaining a little traction.

Out on where a story appeared in The Sun soon after Brendan Rodgers returned that Kieran Tierney could be a transfer target for Celtic.

On one level it is perfectly logical and believable but on another is totally ridiculous and impossible to stand up.

Tierney is a Celtic fan, loves the club, cares for the club and would never rule out a return despite leaving in August 2019 for the brighter lights.

In the real world he is reported to be on a wage of around £120,00 a week with three more years left on his improved Arsenal contract.

The economics of the situation surely rule out returning to Celtic but pressed on the issue Rodgers offered encouragement, comparing it to his own return to the club he left in 2019, one that no one anticipated. Never say never Rodgers suggested to the Tierney question.

A year ago Mikel Arteta seemed certain to be an early casualty of the sacking culture in the EPL, missing out on a Champions League place the previous season seemed to be confirmation that he was coaching material only, not cut out for the demands of management, the decision making that decides which side of the fine margins your team ends up in.

During the 2022 close season Manchester City were happy to shift Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko to a club that they didn’t consider to be a rival.

The introduction of those two players transformed Arsenal, saved Arteta with Tierney an unexpected casualty, sitting on the substitute bench making do with cameo appearances as a substitute.

Towards the end of last season Aston Villa and Newcastle were credited with an interest in Tierney but so far there has been no moves.

Both clubs have spent big recently, EPL clubs are very aware of Financial Sustainability, spending in the region of £40m and providing a pay hike for Tierney isn’t as easy to justify as it might have been a year or two ago.

In pre-season there seems to be no thawing of the relationship between Arteta and his Scottish left-back, Arsenal Fans TV is very reactionary but the clip above has prompted plenty of reaction and follow up.

It remains difficult to see where a season on loan benefits Celtic. Whatever the finances, whatever the players commitment it isn’t healthy to have someone in the dressing room taking home double the wages of the top players at the club. That situation isn’t of Tierney’s making.

Left-back isn’t a problem position, Greg Taylor has improved season on season, is completely dedicated and on an upward curve.

Tierney on loan, excelling and reigniting interest from EPL clubs hardly helps Celtic out, if it didn’t work out it would be a serious drain on resources.

Arsenal and Tierney are both in need of a solution, Celtic less so but it is an emotional issue. Generally in football it isn’t wise to go back but in terms of Rodgers it would have been madness not to at least look into the possibility, with encouragement the solution became obvious.

The Tierney/Arteta situation looks like rumbling on, there seems no obvious solution but while it continues, as Rodgers said, never say never.

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