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Clearly not the case- Rodgers steps up his SFA attack

Brendan Rodgers has called out the factual elements of the SFA report on Celtic’s defeat from Hearts at Tynecastle.

The hoops boss sounded as if he was on solid ground as he discussed the issues and comments that landed him with a Notice of Complain that could result in a touchline ban at a critical stage of the season.

Rodgers’ comments were generated by the red card issued to Yang Hyun-jun and the penalty awarded against Tomoki Iwata which were both prompted by John Beaton on VAR.

The Lanarkshire official has a long track record of ‘inconsistencies’ which was an issue that the Celtic boss touched on today.

Going into detail the Celtic boss exposed the fiction behind Yang’s sending off with the match officials claiming that there were studs and a boot in the face of Alex Cochrane. There wasn’t a mark on the Hearts defender despite his theatrics which sparked Beaton into action.

Can you understand why you’ve been charged? Compared to other comments from other managers about referees this season? 

“I don’t want I go into that. I said after the game – and it’s that one game – but it’s my observations over many games. Primarily around the inconsistencies of decisions. I don’t want to go into it too much. I never talk so much about referees and I’ve never done over the course of my career.

“I understand they make mistakes but I felt the ones last week were clear errors in the game. The first one I’ve seen incidents worse than that. I felt the on-field decision was correct, the yellow card.

“We had a report back to say that the studs and boots were in the face of the player, which clearly a couple of days later – even when we get that report – it’s clearly not the case when you watch it. We’ll go through that and we’ll answer that later on in the month.”

John Beaton, VAR, SFA, Celtic

There has been no comment from Celtic on the Notice of Complaint issued to their manager with the Chairman and CEO both sticking to their vows of silence while claiming to be working behind the scenes to challenge refereeing decisions.

Questioned about Bobby Madden and Nick Walsh at the 2021 AGM former Chairman Ian Bankier claimed that the club had deep concerns about refereeing matters. Madden signed off from refereeing with an incredible performance in Celtic’s Scottish Cup semi-defeat to Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s side at Hampden.

At the 2023 AGM Nicholson and Lawwell resorted to cracking jokes when questioned on refereeing matters, not all of the shareholders were amused.

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It’s competence. And I think the first one is a great example of the game being refereed outside of the pitch. This is the thing everyone is talking about, that the officials do their job and if it’s something that’s clear and obvious maybe step in. The referee made the decision and someone outside made another decision to say it was a sending off. So that’s the game being refereed outside of the field and in big games that costs you.

I’m not one who comes crying about referees, be it here or the EPL, because I understand there will be mistakes made. But that today was awful officiating in what was a big game for us.

In my time up here I’m not one to have a go at refs because I understand it’s a very very difficult position they are in. I try to respect decisions and give the benefit of the doubt. But I think when I see that level of incompetence is the only word I can use, then that makes me worry for the game.

In such a tight title race, which it is and it’s fantastic and great to be involved in, that can make the difference. And that today made the difference for us.




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