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Weak responce, absolutely pathetic- Nicholson slammed over his Beaton reaction

Michael Nicholson attended a Fans Forum meeting this week, a box ticking exercise for UEFA purposes just like employing one Supporter Liaison Officer to cover 50,000 Season Ticket holders plus thousands of others that regularly attend home matches.

Earlier this week around 60 fans were invited to the Kerrydale Suite where they got to hear Michael Nicholson say that the club aims to be ‘world class in everything they do’.

Celtic 365 aims to be a millionaire by the end of this month but without even buying a lottery ticket I have as much chance as Nicholson of being CEO of a world class football club.

He does have the consolation of his £750,000 salary plus perks and bonuses as Celtic prepare, later this month for the 20th anniversary of their last knock-out victory in a European tie.

Over the last four seasons the club has won four matches in UEFA group stage fixtures- two against Ferencvaros and two dead-rubbers. That hasn’t stopped Nicholson from trotting out the world class line used by his mentor at the 2023 AGM, the architect of managed decline where the strength of the Balance Sheet is put ahead of ability on the pitch and in the dressing room.

Truth is, other than the dedication of the support to back the club every aspect of Celtic is mediocre at best, from training facilities, recruitment, Academy Development, stadium facilities, communications and supporter relations.

After the travesty at Tynecastle of Sunday questions about John Beaton, the SFA and VAR were raised at the Fan Forum.

!!Bada Bing!! from CQN shared the underwhelming answers from Nicholson who attended the meeting while the club Chairman had better things to do with his time.

From CQN, 6th March 12.18pm


Chris Duffy read out today’s statement, 4 or 5th time club have written to SFA this season on VAR/referees.

3 previous SPFL club meetings, this has been an agenda point at each meeting. Independent Review Panel set up – club “not 100% happy with make up”.

On plus side, get to hear audio, speak to Crawford Allan, better process to get feedback

Conflicts of interest – Referees are encouraged to disclose interest ” club feel doesn’t go as far as it should”

Celtic suggested going to EPL and using their review panel, clubs could meet extra costs (no feedback on this)

On John Beaton

Michael Nicholson asked if club would challenge any appointments by him. Nicholson said “we won’t grandstand like other clubs”

Reply from audience “Collum hasn’t reffed them since Dec 30th, Grandstanding works ”

Club will challenge any punishment Rodgers get re comments after game.

Michael Nicholson, John Beaton, fans


Michael Nicholson asked about ambition of club

Response “we aim to be world class in everything we do”

Response from Harry Brady (Celtic Underground)

That’s all very nice, but we want specifics, I can go on websites of FC Myjitland, RB Salzburg, Copenhagen, Young Boys, Sporting Lisbon and get 5 year plan”

We should be aiming to be in euro final within 5 years, in year x we will spend y on infrastructure, improve recruitment and player trading”

Michael Nicholson said he we all want same thing and would have a report for next Fans Forum.

Audience member asked about perceived lack of transparency. Disconnect with Fans etc

Nicholson said that was the reason for Forums like this.

Agenda for next Forum set then

Information on website about how you can you apply to attend


!!Bada Bing!! summed up the meeting with ‘Nicholson can go anytime,totally weak response to Beaton, absolutely pathetic, but typical Celtic.

Since Rodgers was served with a Notice of Complaint from the SFA there has been no comment from Celtic, after Yang Hyun-jun’s appeal against his red card and suspension was rejected a Celtic spokesperson was quoted as being surprised and disappointed, a trusted response to bad news from the Scottish football authorities.

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It’s competence. And I think the first one is a great example of the game being refereed outside of the pitch. This is the thing everyone is talking about, that the officials do their job and if it’s something that’s clear and obvious maybe step in. The referee made the decision and someone outside made another decision to say it was a sending off. So that’s the game being refereed outside of the field and in big games that costs you.

I’m not one who comes crying about referees, be it here or the EPL, because I understand there will be mistakes made. But that today was awful officiating in what was a big game for us.

In my time up here I’m not one to have a go at refs because I understand it’s a very very difficult position they are in. I try to respect decisions and give the benefit of the doubt. But I think when I see that level of incompetence is the only word I can use, then that makes me worry for the game.

In such a tight title race, which it is and it’s fantastic and great to be involved in, that can make the difference. And that today made the difference for us.

Rodgers is expected to host a media conference today to promote Sunday’s Scottish Cup tie at home to Livingston in the flagship competition of the SFA.



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