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Paul Heaton’s Celtic shout out for Rianne Downey at TRNSMT

Paul Heaton and Rianne Downey showed their colours at TRNSMT yesterday as thousands gathered at Glasgow Green.

Just over a mile from Celtic Park, the frontman from The Housemartins and The Beautiful South doesn’t just storm on and off stage without taking on board local culture.

Five weeks earlier thousands of Celtic fans gathered then marched from Glasgow Green to Hampden to witness the world record breaking eighth treble from the hoops.

The weather wasn’t quite as friendly yesterday for TRNSMT but the atmosphere of celebration was similar.

Covering Heaton’s introduction, The Sun reported:

He said: “I’m just going to quickly introduce you to the band, and I do so by their name, their musical instrument and their football team.”


After mixed receptions for band members who supported the likes of Aston Villa, Everton, Leeds, Manchester City and Sheffield United, Heaton revealed Downey’s allegiance.


“On vocals, Rianne Downey, Glasgow Celtic,” he announced. Downey pumped her fists and laughed as the crowd cheered louder than it ever had.

On Friday, ahead of his appearance, Heaton left money behind the bar at some pubs local to Glasgow Green including The Tolbooth and Lynch’s Bar.



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