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Detailed video shows the Celtic 24/25 Adidas home kit

Celtic’s 24/25 home shirt is on sale on Thailand with fans able to purchase the kit for the equivalent of £65. 

During the course of Friday blurred images and concept kits made way for reality with videos emerging of what the actual Adidas shirt looks like. 

After this season’s serious break with tradition the 24/25 kit has a very traditional feel to it, mixing the most iconic shirt in football with an Adidas feel, the only real complaint is likely to be over the two horizontal lines emerging either side from the bottom of the shirt. 

The hoops are very clearly defined, of a decent width with a light pattern through them but nothing as startling as the current ‘stained-glass’ look. 

Adidas are entering the fifth and final year of their Celtic contract, in terms of volume, profit and exposure it seems to have worked well for both parties although the anticipation from supporters hasn’t quite been met. 

The Celtic shirt in the hands of Adidas seemed like the perfect match but this season’s experiences have been typical of the relationship. 

Fans were genuinely shocked that what appeared to be the wildest of concept kits was for real, fans in Australia were buying it, wearing it and sharing on social media the broken hoops, stained-glass pattern and black added to green, white and gold. 

A Special Edition kit was as plain as possible with white on white sponsors and green on green stripes, sadly the team never donned that kit. 

In spring time a fifth kit of the season was launched, branded a Heritage kit it too never saw the light of day, the closest it came to was on matchday when the players were spotted wearing the tracksuit as they got off the team bus. 

Friday’s images and videos from Thailand have been well received by supporters, Adidas know that almost anything Celtic related will sell well but a return towards a more traditional appearance, the one that makes Celtic unique is likely to be a smash hit when it is finally given its UK release.

CLICK HERE for Celtic fans in Santa Ponsa.

CLICK HERE for more images of the 24/25 home kit. 

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