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Tam sellic Special as MP Toby tells Westminster that Glasgow Rangers disappeared altogether

Tam sellic has done justice to the brilliant comments of Toby Perkins during a Westminster debate on the need for a Football Regulator in England  when he recalled how Glasgow Rangers disappeared altogether.

The MP for Chesterfield knows his onions all right, his local football team went into liquidation in 2015 but he chose to remind his fellow members that of events in Scotland three years earlier. There was no intervention or correction from the Speaker.

Football clubs outside of the EPL appear to be very vulnerable to dubious takeovers with fly-by-nights promising the earth while having their eyes on asset stripping with football grounds about the only tangible asset most clubs have.

Promising fans the earth, or a front loaded £25m war-chest for Super Ally is likely to have fans onside with the football authorities hiding behind their toothless Fit and Proper person legislation.

When it all falls apart fans are left with broken dreams while HMRC are often owed millions which impacts every area of life across the UK from schools and nurseries through to pension payments and backing for the Armed Forces.

Perkins casually dropped the example of Glasgow Rangers into his Commons speech, something that no Scottish politician would ever think of doing.

From the SFA to the Scottish Parliament and every mainstream media outlet the events of 2012 are carefully avoided for fear of reminding Ibrox fans that they walked away, allowing their club to die while Hearts, Dunfermline, Livingston and Motherwell supporters banded together while in administration to put together successful CVAs.

That never happened in 2012, a total of 276 creditors were left high and dry including Her Majesty, Dave King, florists, newsagents, taxi companies and a florist. Twelve years later BDO have still to complete the liquidation.

Tellingly the Daily Record and The Sun have refused to go near the comments made by Perkins yesterday in the Mother of all Parliaments.

The digital teams at these outlets generally spend every minute trawling through social media for anything O** F*** related to apply their spin to.

Truth bombs about LIQUIDATION however remain strictly off the menu as they pander to a certain sensitive demographic.

CLICK HERE for Celtic fans call out the so-called O** F*** Scottish Cup Final.

CLICK HERE for Perkins Twitter AccounT.

CLICK HERE for Tam sellic Twitter account.

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