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The game is stacked- four decisions that exposes Andrew Dallas and the SFA

Andrew Dallas impressed Crawford Allan so much that he was given one of two jobs as a full-time VAR official.

Andrew’s Dad has such bad judgement that he shared his hatred of Catholics in an email sent to some of his former SFA colleagues.

Without refereeing a single Celtic match, at the age of 31 Andrew was put on the FIFA list giving him lots of foreign trips and access to the almost unlimited expenses on offer, for reasons unknown he resigned from the FIFA list- making his earnings from Scottish matches even more important for the Lanarkshire based official.

Last week at Ibrox Alan Muir and John Beaton demonstrated how match officials can influence the result of a football match, turning a 1-0 defeat from Hearts into a 2-1 victory and they all remain on board the Clement Express.

Beaton followed that up on Wednesday but Celtic managed to overcome his levelling up.

In the first half at Dingwall yesterday Dallas, on VAR duty with David Munro gave the sort of decisions that Muir wouldn’t ave dreamed of a week ago at Ibrox.

Firstly the VAR agreed with Munro that Oh Hyeon-gyu had fouled a defender in the build up to Liam Scales putting the ball in the net. ‘Goal’ disallowed.

Later a perfectly timed run by Daizen Maeda onto a pass from Paulo Bernardo ended with Oh sliding the ball into the net.

After a pause another ‘goal’ was disallowed, a minute or so later Sky Sports released the dodgiest of images, taken at an angle after the ball had been kicked by Bernardo.

On Tuesday night UEFA will produce 3D images for all offside decisions, yesterday’s Dallas production was an insult to every fan in Scottish football.

There was still time in the first half for Munro and Dallas to miss a shirt pull on Oh from a cross into the box, the sort of incident that Muir would be all over at Ibrox.

At last year’s Celtic AGM Michael Nicholson told shareholders to allow for teething issues with VAR, unless Celtic call out Dallas after yesterday’s performance that sort of decision making will continue.

Celtic’s silence is all the encouragement that Dallas and others require.

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