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Live and dangerous! The spectacular Dujon Sterling confessions

Dujon Sterling made his second media appearances of the season on Wednesday, it could be a while before he is allowed anywhere near a microphone again.

Back in July the utility man was presented as a former Chelsea star, when he was asked about his decision to move to Ibrox he didn’t hold back as he discussed the genius that is Micky Beale, something that he had picked up after a couple of training sessions at Murray Park.

With James Tavernier and Connor Goldson hiding in a cupboard in the away dressing room at Dens Park the Ibrox PR machine turned to Sterling for some soothing soundbites to share with the media. They got anything but.

Sterling looked utterly broken as he sat down for three minutes of wisdom in which he managed to trash almost everything associated with his employers. The only thing missing was calling out Tavernier and Goldson as serial losers.

Everything else was there, the criticisms of the fans was reflected in his comments, while the bears in the away stand at Dens Park had yelled ‘f**k off’ at last month’s heroes Sterling settled for admitting that his side have been s**t over the last three mathes.

Exhibit A, Dens Park Dundee, April 2024

Obviously I understand why the fans are angry after the game but hopefully they can still back us for the rest of the game and still push us on.

We still have the togetherness but I don’t know if the belief is there and I think everyone has to switch their minds that we can have that belief that we can do this. Of course anything can happen. We have five games left, five cup finals and hopefully the fans can push us to get through them.

We owe ourselves a performance as well because we have been s**t the past three games. I think we need to reset and do it for the fans as well because they have come home and away, backing us, singing for 90 minutes/95 minutes/100 minutes and we owe it to them.

Obviously the past two weeks have been disappointing results and I know they have seen it before over the past years. Hopefully we can change that but we will see.

Exhibit B, Murray Park, July 2023 on the magical powers of Micky Beale:

It’s a really big opportunity for me and I’m just grateful the gaffer has the trust in me to be able to do that as well. He played a major role in me coming here. I’ve known him for more than a decade. He was the main factor plus he came in with the interest early. A lot of clubs did but he actually came all the way down south to see me and speak to me

What he presented to me, what he wanted me to achieve and what he wanted to achieve were all in line for my next building block. It just made sense. Already on the pitch you can see his tactical brain is genius. I ain’t got nothing else, he’s just a genius. He goes into so much detail.

For a professional sportsman to say ‘I don’t think that the belief is there’ is an incredible confession and leads straight into the claims about serial losers.

When James Tavernier is held up as some sort of role model, someone to aspire to and emulate then everyone outside of the Ibrox bubble can see the problem straight away.

Faced with almost relentless success for Celtic there has been a need for a hero figure inside Ibrox with the former Wigan ace nominated for that role.

Tavernier doesn’t seem especially comfortable with the role but a massive salary and next season’s Testimonial match provide some consolation for those disappointed and embarrassing post match interviews.

With Sterling now off the media rota it means even more frequent appearances for Tavernier, Goldson and Jack Butland who can all be trusted not to give away too many tales from the dressing room.

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  • by John Copeland
    Posted April 19, 2024 1:22 pm 0Likes

    That poor Mr Sterling looks absolutely haunted …on and off the field ! His facial expression is rather concerning ! He was the guy praising Mick Beale as a visionary coach in training , remember ? That Beale had improved Sterling’s ability no end ! Sadly a short time later Mr Beale received his jotters ,alas ! How quickly people forget sometimes ! Oh well …..

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