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The bounce of the ball! rattled Beale running out of excuses but he can’t halt himself

His capacity- or near addiction- to talk way too much was always going to contribute to Micky Beale’s downfall.

A lifetime of complete neglect ended last November when he found an audience hanging on his every word, treating him as some sort of management guru and trailblazer.

Everyfing that he said was noted down and published without any questions asked, it was a long way from rejection as a teenager at Charlton and setting up bibs and cones in interesting positions for primary kids to run around.

Beale was in his element, he could call out Chris Sutton and earn social media likes on the back of it, his Instagram following went off the radar. Bears loved him, at last he was wanted, valued and appreciated.

The new Ibrox boss couldn’t stop talking. Sensible streetwise managers use their words economically, they know the messages to send out and what to keep in house, maintain the reporter at bay rather than have your eyes light up at every question and more opportunities to talk.

After losing to PSV Eindhoven and Celtic the rookie Ibrox boss went into hiding, even pretending that he hadn’t witnessed any of the torrents of online abuse from his own supporters.

Beale can’t resist Twitter and Instagram, especially when he is the story. Every day he’d have looked for signs that the tide was turning his way. It never did.

On Friday at 9am he resurfaced for the media, firstly to broadcasters and then more excuses and deflections for the daily papers.

Last season Beale called a serial winner a lucky man, speaking to the Daily Record he was explaining how he is actually really unlucky with a range of excuses to explain why fans are desperate to see him chased out of their club.

It doesn’t give me any comfort when you lose a game, but the two goals we have conceded in the league we shouldn’t concede.

The long throw at Kilmarnock and the bouncing of the ball. Albeit it’s a fantastic finish from Kyogo in the Celtic game, it’s poor from us. It’s bang on half-time. We’d just had a goal wrongly ruled off and their goal couldn’t have come at a worse time for us.

I think the team needs to show a greater intensity everywhere. That’s the thing that we’ve been working on and Saturday gives us an opportunity to make a step in the right direction.

Beale had 45 minutes plus seven of stoppage time to get a goal back against a Celtic defence of Tony Ralston, Gus Lagerbielke, Liam Scales and Alexandro Bernabei. He failed.

The ball that bounced past John Souttar at Kilmarnock wasn’t responsible for the goals that the Scotland defender gave away against Servette, PSV Eindhoven and Celtic.

A proper manager would have put in a terse performance for the media with little given away about what he really felt. Beale is a glorified kids coach, a bibs and cones man totally out of his depth in his current job and not smart enough to help himself.

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