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Tory colleague turns on Douglas Ross by revealing details of 28 dodgy expenses claims

A leading Tory has revealed details of 28 dodgy expenses claims made by Douglas Ross as a Westminster MP for his football hobby.

The leader of the Scottish Tories enjoys the trappings of three jobs which provide him with multiple expenses from Westminster, Hollyrood and the SFA.

Three years ago Ross got away with an apology over ‘mixed up’ expenses claims when he failed to declare the payments that he had been getting as a referee in the Westminster Register of Interests. He didn’t overlook multiple claims for travel expenses from the tax-payer.

Ross has always insisted that his political priority was in Holyrood but in midweek he put the knife into neighbouring Tory David Duguid by getting him de-selected for the July 4 Westminster election allowing Ross to stand at what is perceived as a slightly easier constituency.

That action has sickened many local Tories and others that haven’t approved on the way Douglas always puts himself ahead of constituents and the Tory party.

Duguid was in hospital when he was deselected by a faction controlled by Ross, now it seems there is going to be quite a backlash as others in the party take their revenge out on the chunky flag waver.

The Sunday Mail reports:

The individual revealed 28 travel claims were flagged internally which could be damaging if exposed.

The Sunday Mail has seen messages from November 2021 which revealed the panic after we asked questions. Ross’s closest aides refer to them as “dodgy” and suggest they “bluff” it out.

Only travel from an MP’s declared home airport –Inverness or Aberdeen for Ross – can be claimed as constituency travel.

All other travel, if it does not cost more, must be classed as a ‘diverted journey’. MPs must provide detailed notes alongside every claim to explain why it was diverted. Some of the dozens of cases identified by Ross’s team in November 2021 include £58 parking at Inverness airport in July 2018 while parliament was in recess and £43 rail travel from Heathrow to central London the day after Ross refereed a match in Iceland.

In October 2019, he claimed for a flight from London to Glasgow and for £109 parking with NCP car parks. On November 1, 2020, he claimed £48.99 for parking the day he refereed a Celtic game. Others cannot be identified without access to specific dates and receipts.

Ross was one of the fiercest critics of MSP Michael Matheson, the former SNP Health secretary suspended after incorrectly claiming an £11,000 phone bill on expenses.He called for him to be given a “red card”, saying it was “not a harmless mistake.”

The SFA have always been very supportive of Ross, during the Lockdown season of 2020.21 he was given seven assistant referee appointments at Celtic Park, Hampden and Ibrox between August 7 and 19th December, that run included successive matches at Celtic Park on September 19 and 27.

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