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Shocking s**t show over Ibrox pushes distressed bear to the brink

While Connor Barron and Liam Kelly are rolled out as the exciting new faces of Ibrox not all bears are falling for the hype and spin.

On August 10 the first ‘home’ match of the season will be played, Motherwell are the visitors but they won’t be going anywhere near Ibrox. Neither will 47,000 loyal Season Ticket holders.

After weeks of online speculation on June 20 a brief club statement confirmed that Ibrox wouldn’t be in use at the start of the season, yesterday the SPFL published their fixtures with no update on where Phil Clement’s side will be playing their matches.

Murrayfield seems like the only option but the SRU aren’t going to hand over their stadium for no fee, there will be substantial costs involved in staging those matches with little interest from non Season Ticket holders in watching Ross County or Motherwell.

After 12 years of almost non-stop misery it seems that even the most loyal of bears are starting to question the direction that their club is moving in.

As Hands-across-the-Sea commented there has been more managers and Revolutions! than trophies delivered over the last eight years- the stadium fiasco seems entirely in keeping with a club that has no leadership, ideas or direction.

Ibrox heartbreak

Unsurprisingly Barry Ferguson takes a very different view as he told Daily Record readers:

There’s a pre-season friendly against Manchester United at Murrayfield that will allow everyone to get used to the home of Scottish Rugby should that be the chosen venue.

I played there once, in a bounce game, and to be honest I was blown away by the size of the place. If there’s over 65,000 Rangers fans in there it would create some atmosphere.

That’s the positives they can take. What I like is that the club have been open and honest about the entire situation. They have come straight out and laid the full facts out to the supporters.

They could have strung people along and said it might be ready. But all that would have done is create confusion. Now everyone knows what’s happening.

Losing the 23/24 SPFL title as Phil Clement’s side bottled it was bad enough, topped off by Super Jack Butland’s Hampden howler to present Adam Idah with the goal to win the Scottish Cup.

What has followed since then coupled with the annual managerial changes seems to be pushing some fans towards the brink of reality.

The lack of detail over the stadium closure seems ominous, the media can talk about only affecting August but it seems highly optimistic to think that a job barely started can be completed on time even ignoring the rumours about Asbestos being disturbed.

Closing the Copland Road Stand for one month seems the logical thing to do unless the closure is likely to be much longer than just August.

There could be as many as five ‘home’ matches during August but Season Tickets will only be valid for two of those fixtures, on top of increased travel costs the loyal bears will be asked to pay out for European match/es and a League Cup tie.

Anyone failing to do so loses MyGers points and drops out of the ballot for high demand matches such as at Celtic Park and Hampden.

It seems clear that the club wants to give out minimal information to supporters, Murrayfield hasn’t even been confirmed despite being the only option with a capacity of over 20,000.

If Clement’s side don;’t get off to a perfect start to the season the meltdown could be spectacular and require more than the annual change in manager to keep the bears away from full on revolt.

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  • by John Copeland
    Posted June 28, 2024 12:25 pm 0Likes

    Ah, who knows what might follow after digging up the ground ? If they said that the foundations of the stands were on the brittle side and had to be closed for up to a year to try to make good ..would you be shocked or disappointed ? I know I wouldn’t ! Also ,If there was asbestos found as part of my home ,I know for a fact I would not return there until I had all the guarantees in the world from every authority that all was safe to return to matter how long the process takes ! But that’s just me !

    Editor: Anything is possible after 20 years of neglect. They got Ibrox and Murray Park for a knockdown £5.5m in a dubious deal in 2012, be a bit of a laugh if they really had to knock down…

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