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New images emerge of the stalled building work at Ibrox

More detail has emerged of the state of play with ‘reconstruction’ work at Ibrox.

It would be generous to suggest that the job has been half done with a small group of workmen apparently working 9-5 Monday to Friday to keep things ticking over while waiting on a mystery delayed delivery coming in from Asia. That is the official reason given out for the delay.

The real reasons are being speculated on across social media while the club falls silent leaving Neil Doncaster to search for goodwill from other clubs with the timescale for the work to be completed still undeclared.

New Edmiston House and the Sky Blue Restaurant were both around a year late in completion with little attention given, that isn’t the case with the Copland Stand which will be in the spotlight regardless of the excuses and deflection exercises put out to media messengers.

From the images below of Ibrox it looks like the work has barely started which goes a long way to explaining why there is nothing definite on when the stadium will reopen to four stands.

The positioning of the crane is clearly an issue, it looks like the ground upto the penalty spot has been undercover since work began following the home match against Dundee on May 14.

Putting fresh turf over that area of the pitch in the winter months won’t be easy but that is a future worry while the work on the Copland Road Stand goes on at a snails pace.

Motherwell and Ross County are scheduled to visit Ibrox in August, those fixtures will be played elsewhere as will one or two Champions League qualifiers but UEFA will be far more stringent than the SPFL with deadlines imposed and strict stadium requirements.

Murrayfield appears to be the only stadium capable of hosting the UEFA match/es with the pressure piling up on Phil Clement to deliver what looks increasingly vital funds.

Whether it is the Champions League or Europa League four group stage matches HAVE to be played at the same venue, even if Ibrox is ready in October if the first group stage match is staged at Murrayfield the remaining games will have to be played at the home of Scottish rugby.

With previous problems at Ibrox the club was able to spin and deflect away but this time their own fans are directly affected, a few weeks after renewing Season Tickets as Celtic picked up a domestic double to take their trophy haul to 118.

When the next ‘set-back’ to the rebuilding work is announced there is likely to be a backlash from fans that will only be kept in check if Clement’s side make a storming start to the 24/25 campaign, No pressure then…

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