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Watch the full McCoist meltdown as he switches into paranoia mode

The real Ally McCoist showed face on TalkSPORT as he let rip with the message board paranoia that has followed Saturday’s Scottish Cup Final at Hampden.

Rather than lend his support to his old club McCoist opted for another media pay day by sharing his knowledge and wit at the FA Cup Final.

Saturday’s match officials were typically substandard, there are reasons why Nick Walsh and John Beaton will be nowhere near the European Championships this summer.

Celtic had two very good penalty claims completely dismissed by Beaton on VAR, the man that conjured up a penalty to Hearts against Celtic in March that pushed Brendan Rodgers to describe his performance as incompetent.

There were a number of strange decisions, a free kick could have been given against Liam Scales for a push on Cyril Dessers outside of the box- that mistake was minor compared to the Ben Davies handball or the tag team attack on Kyogo Furuhashi by Leon Balongun and Davies.

Since the final whistle all of the media attention has been on a disallowed ‘goal’ from Abdallah Sima, after Nicky Raskin had used two hands to push into the back of Joe Hart.

With the focus on that McCoist provided a dog whistle to paranoid Ibrox fans.

Jeff, scandalous honestly but I have come to expect it. The incompetence of our officials is nothing short of ridiculous. It is bordering on embarrassing to tell you the truth.

They disallowed the goal for a shove. Ok, there may be a little shove and I can understand that but they go back two seconds and they’ve got to give a penalty.

The guy [Taylor] has his arms wrapped around the guy [Raskin] who eventually does the little shove. It is just total incompetence Jeff, but we’ve come to accept it and that is the way it goes.

As almost everyone knows a penalty can’t be awarded while the ball isn’t in play. Taylor and Raskin were pushing and pulling at each other, Walsh had warned them earlier in the game.

Until the corner is taken no foul/penalty can be given, not even by officials selected by Crawford Allan.

If Beaton could have found a way to allow the goal to stand or to award a penalty he would have, it was cut and dried, almost on the goal line Raskin pushed Hart forward meaning that James Tavernier’s corner evaded his reach.

With that show of anger off his chest McCoist can prepare himself for Saturday’s Champions League final followed by the European Championships in Germany.

The cheeky chappie routine will be in full flow on ITV, cheering on England at every turn to show what a good egg he is, provided the cheque is on the way into his bank account.

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