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Terrific, class, warriors- Tom English drools over Clement’s Hampden heroes

If anyone can find a silver lining from another crushing defeat to Celtic it is Tom English.

The Chief Sports Writer at BBC Scotland, he knows little about football, understands even less but will beat the drum for any cause that might disrupt the painful flow of trophies that Celtic have collected over the last eight years.

Nineteen domestic trophy lifts for Callum McGregor has made the hoops the most successful club in the history of Scottish football, Brendan Rodgers kicked off that run with seven trophies out of seven, teeing up Neil Lennon for a further five.

English detests Rodgers, when he spilt out all of his contempt for the Irishman on an Irish podcast last summer it brought an end to the invites to BBC Scotland to Celtic media conferences.

That followed a pattern, the real BBC in London were forced to apologise after the star man in Glasgow mocked the death of Shane Warne, for reasons unknown English survived.

When the Beale Revolution! crashed and burned English jumped on board the bandwagon for A Real Football Manager. Yesterday he had to admit defeat on that one as well but took consolation from Clement’s midfield, as ever it will be jam tomorrow for fans of Next Season FC.

In his usual dull and predictable style of writing English drooled over the Ibrox engine room on the BBC website:

Their midfield trio – Mohamed Diomande, Nicolas Raskin and Dujon Sterling – were in the faces of men who have dominated them all season.

Diomande was class. Sterling was so busy all over the pitch you wondered how many of him were actually out there.

Then, the knockout blow. Out of the blue, so to speak.

A rare lapse in concentration in letting them through, a goalkeeper exposed and a shot spilled by Jack Butland, a man who has been their totem since the summer.

Perhaps he hadn’t noticed that Sterling was playing on the right-wing, unable to make inroads on Greg Taylor. Todd Cantwell was apparently playing in midfield although no-one really noticed.

Earlier this year English was in full Jim White mode as he interviewed Butland, apparently on the verge of a call up to the England international squad.

There is more chance of English getting a job with Sky Sports or ITV to share his wisdom and insight on the upcoming European Championships, unlikely for someone that has been touting himself for a gig in Irish rugby, unsuccessfully over the last few years.

After the diversion of international football the pain resumes in August for English as he observes the Clement Revolution II trying to join Celtic in the Champions League.

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Tom English

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