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People think I’m daft- uber staunch Barry Ferguson delivers Clement’s pre-match team talk

Barry Ferguson is in uber-staunch mode for Daily Record readers as he delivers a rousing message ahead of the Glasgow Derby.

Doubling down on his desire to injure Callum McGregor is the main theme in today’s masterpiece backed up by a reminder of what a great Rainjurz man he is and how his entire life has revolved around beating Selik.

It seems to be a theme that the Record is very happy with even as their print circulation shrinks towards 50,000 allowing them all to fit comfortably inside Ibrox.

You won’t get much in the way of tactics i0or insight n Ferguson’s weekly column such as legitimate ways to stop Kyogo Furuhashi from scoring or to nullify the influence of Reo Hatate and Matt O’Riley. How to get at the Celtic defence or Joe Hart’s weaknesses take second place, a distance behind reminders of how truly staunch Fergie is.

Defeats to Celtic ensured that Giovanni van Bronckhorst only lasted 366 days despite reaching a European final, his successor, Micky Beale was in and out in 10 months despite being the Brains Behind Gerrard with Kyogo stamped all over his CV.

With a squad largely assembled by the three previous managers Phil Clement has to come up with a victory to retain an interest in the SPFL title.

Two months ago Clement was expected to deliver a Quadruple but the weight of expectations has been too much for the players in the Murray Park Locker Room.

It seems that they are in need of inspiration from the past with Ferguson just the man to deliver the message that van Bronckhorst and Beale were unable to get over.

Strolling down Memory Lane Fergie tells Record readers:

I still remember getting off that bus outside the stadium an hour or so before kick-off. Hundreds of Celtic fans would be waiting there to let us know in no uncertain terms that we weren’t exactly welcome.

People think I’m daft – and maybe I am – but I honestly enjoyed that walk into the lion’s den. It was only 60 yards and I wished it was longer.

I’d make sure I was one of the last to get off because they were always extra excited to see my wee face. I knew they didn’t like me and I had absolutely no issues with that.

Before I walked down those steps I’d pull my shoulders back, puff out my chest and keep my head held high at all times. I was there to represent my club. I had the badge on the chest of my tracksuit top and I couldn’t have been any more proud about it.

I certainly wasn’t trying to hide from them or pretend I didn’t realise the depth of their hostility. I just took my time, looked them in the eyes and smiled back. I used their energy to fuel me. And then I went out there with one intention – to try to make each and every one of them suffer as much as I possibly could.

It’s each to their own in these situations, of course, but that was how I dealt with it and it would be my advice to Philippe Clement’s players on Saturday too. Don’t feel intimidated by what you’re going into – embrace every single second of it. Breathe it in.

Then say to yourselves, ‘I want to do a bit of damage here today. I want to make sure they’re not waiting outside for us afterwards with something to celebrate’.

After one match in 2000, an eight goal thriller that saw him sent off, after the match Blue Fergie stuck on his trackie and headed down to the Bothwell Bridge Hotel where he found himself in hot water with Strathclyde Police.

Two years later as Chris Sutton was being interviewed live on television after a win at Ibrox a bag of ice was launched in his direction.

Ferguson’s last spell in management was at Alloa Athletic where he was mutually consented a month after his side had tried to boot Ange Postecoglou’s Celtic off the plastic pitch at the Indodrill Stadium.

CLICK HERE for Celtic fans celebrate in Santa Ponsa.


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