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Clement makes five incredible Hampden claims as he scoops the consolation prizes

With an unquestioning audience nodding at his every answer Phil Clement is delivering increasingly Beale-like performances in front of the media.

For the best part of six months the former Monaco boss mastered the art of delivering the most dull and pointless media conferences as he repeated the same points, taking it game by game, a marathon not a sprint etc etc with the messengers happily portraying the image of A Proper Manager being in charge at Ibrox.

Compared to Micky Beale almost anyone, even Pedro Caixinha and his barking dogs comes over as thoughtful and knowledgeable.

Since taking a heart-pumping lap of honour around Ibrox on April 7 then discussing a moral victory Clement has been on an amazing downward trajectory, much like the performances of his team in the critical stage of the season.

Talking up the ridiculous, denying the obvious and hundreds of issues inbetween have been a feature of his media appearances with seemingly no-one inside Ibrox prepared to tell him to pipe down, even the Gullible & Deluded are starting to question his brilliance.

Three defeats and a draw against Celtic are far more significant on Clement’s Ibrox CV than a Europa League win away to Real Betis and beating Aberdeen to win the League Cup.

Saturday’s post match comments at Hampden were typically baffling, Clement isn’t expected to perform any media duties until the start of pre-season training.

At the start of next season he has to successfully negotiate through four Champions League qualifying ties and a trip to Celtic Park if he is to stand any chance of going past Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s 366 days as manager. The Dutchman hasn’t managed since being sacked in November 2022.


Clement said: Even people of Celtic were saying – and they are not really neutral – that we were the better team today. In that way, it is mixed feelings. You are disappointed because you do everything to win and everyone worked really hard for that the last weeks, last months. I am also proud about what the team have shown today


Clement said: It is a really difficult shot. Jack was in the rest of the game really good, and Joe Hart was really good. So, no. I don’t think … You can always talk about details and he should have pushed the ball to the side but the ball was really going like that (he made zig-zag movements with his hand). That is an unlucky moment.


Clement said: It is a much bigger push than what happened with Joe Hart. If I see also how all the Celtic defenders are grabbing my players and having their arms around their neck, around their waist, it is a really big call to make to disallow that goal


Clement said: I think all the group pushed the last piece of energy out of their body the last couple of weeks and now it is about rebuilding the squad, making the staff also better around the team to go into next season. It cannot happen anymore where we have 10-12 injuries at the same time. That is a crucial one. In those moments you need to bring in fresh players who can make the difference and in that way it was difficult today.


Clement said: We have several players out of contract who will leave the building so you need to replace them without money coming inside. That is also one thing. We need to be really inventive in our transfers and doing the smart things. It is going to be really challenging but we have been busy already with that for months within the club.

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