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After the Good Girl outrage Scottish media falls silent as Clement uses S-bomb

On February 25 Brendan Rodgers completed an interview with BBC Scotland by saying two words, another word was used by Philippe Clement yesterday that can’t be broadcast. Only one mainstream group has reported the issue.

Almost instantly it was standing room only, the pile on was incredible after the Celtic boss uttered the hugely offensive term ‘Good girl’ to Jane Lewis who had suffered the blow of watching Rodgers’ team score two late goals to claim full points from Motherwell.

The media ‘sweety wifes’ were up in arms, Rodgers was accused of all sorts, Jim White and Simon Jordan had a few days to gossip over on TalkSPORT, Kay Adams was rounding up the easily offended for her BBC Scotland morning phone-in.

Even by the pettiness of the current era the fake outrage was something to behold, every weekend BBC Scotland and Sky Sports happily broadcast without comment songs and chants of Hate.

Ally McCoist can broadcast his intention to commit hate crimes even if he bottles out and changes his mind within 24 hours.

Yesterday in front of the broadcast media including Sky Sports, BBC Scotland, STV, Radio Clyde and others Philippe Clement swore. He said a word beginning with s while the cameras were rolling.

8 minutes 23 seconds

The moment that you start to think of six or eight (games) or four weeks to go, or five weeks to go and then it is holiday then you become in the sh*t. That’s the worse thing you can do, sorry to you that I use that word. I’m too familiar with you guys now.

No, that is the baddest thing that you can do, is to look, it is the same with three months ago, just game by game going full.

Only Newsquest of the mainstream have reported on Clement swearing at a media conference. The Glasgow Times reported it as:

This is the moment that Philippe Clement swore during his pre-match Rangers press conference.

The Belgian apologised to the Rangers press officer and to the gathered members of the media for his slip of the tongue, as he smiled for saying ‘s***’.

The 49-year-old was speaking this afternoon ahead of his side’s trip to Dens Park tomorrow, where Rangers will finally play Dundee in their twice-re-arranged match.

Of course, this game comes off the back of Rangers’ 3-2 loss to Ross County on Sunday, with ground lost on Celtic in the title race. 

Another Newsquest titles have shared that story, the Rangers Review and that’s it from the mainstream.

BBC Scotland devoted hours of coverage to Rodgers saying Good Girl, yesterday’s comment from Clement which highlighted the chummy nature of his media relations wasn’t worthy of a single comment from the state broadcaster who were quick to report on the injury updates and other news from yesterday’s broadcast conference.

CLICK HERE for SPFL explain Celtic fixture imbalance.

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