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The brazen Double Standards of Dermot Gallagher

Dermot Gallagher seems to be suffering memory loss or is using the same script-writer as Kris Boyd.

On a Monday morning on Sky Sports News the former EPL referee goes through a selection of weekend decisions that have created headlines and deserve explanation, all the things that the SPFL decide not to do for their own paying customers.

The SPFL and SFA are both member organisations, it seems that there is little appetite from clubs for even the most basic of explanations to be made available online.

Football matches are governed by the Laws of the Game, a universal code that every Association uses and trains their referees to operate.

A decision in Scotland for handball should be dealt with in the same manner as in any other country but Gallagher seems to have given the SFA an opt out with a bizarre Scottish Handball Law.

Over the space of a fortnight Celtic have been on the wrong end of two refereeing decisions that defy logic. Anyone looking at it would struggle to stand up a claim that the same Laws of the Game were being applied.


Celtic v St Johnstone March 16

I have to say I think this is a very common sense decision. When you look at that, it strikes his arm, he is on the goal line, he has no chance of avoiding that. It is kicked from two or three yards.

If the referee gives a penalty then he has to give a red card. It is just too harsh. I think the referee has done the right thing, there is no way he can avoid that ball striking him. It is impossible.

Many would say that Iwata also had no chance of avoiding it, contact was towards the edge of the penalty box but a fortnight earlier Gallagher was sticking with the mystical Scottish Offside Rule.

Hearts v Celtic March 3

But what you would say is, we’ve seen this in the Scottish league all season. The one thing they’ve been consistent about, any incident like that has been penalised for handball. I think harsh, very, very unlucky. But to their credit, every single one they’ve given.

Every single one hasn’t been given, see the St Johnstone example above and the fortnightly application of Goldson’s Law.

Next Thursday Brendan Rodgers will appeal against a Notice of Complaint issued after the Hearts match for his comments about John Beaton.

The Lanarkshire based official alerted Don Robertson to two dubious first half decisions, rather than stand his ground Robertson was very willing to send off Yang Hyun-jun and award a penalty against Tomoki Iwata.

Rodgers appears quite relaxed about defending himself and the club against the SFA charge, if found guilty the Celtic boss faces an immediate two match touchline ban.

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