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Overheard and crude- shameless Daily Record dilutes Lennon abuse

The Daily Record has seriously downplayed the incident at the East Fife v Dumbarton match on Saturday that is subject to an investigation from Police Scotland.

Using all of their infamous deflection tactics the Glasgow based publisher mentions crude parcel bombs and how Gallagher Lennon’s mother ‘overheard’ a sickening comment covering her son and his father.

There is nothing crude about parcel bombs sent to a football manager. Whether the bomb was sophisticated or not isn’t the issue, the case highlights the level of hatred whipped up against an Irish Catholic in Scotland. Something that is entirely lost on the Record.

Sob stories about how he brought it on himself or the animosity was because of the way that he had carried himself as a player are as much a part of the problem as the extremists who put together and posted the devices.

From the vague descriptions on social media of the incident at East Fife it was much more than a case of Gallagher’s mum overhearing a comment as the Record claims. It seems that a Dumbarton fan, possibly someone employed by the club shouted something that any right thinking person would be disgusted by.

Clearly it was a thought that the person had been harbouring and was triggered by a misplaced pass. Whether the player’s mother was at the match or not doesn’t dilute the seriousness of the comment.

To describe it as ‘overhearing’ sounds like someone was listening in to small talk in the queue for a half-time pie and bovril. It was shouted during the match, it is unlikely that there were more than 100 Dumbarton fans in the crowd of 571.

Covering the issue, the Record reports:

Dad Neil had received bullets in the post and death threats during his time as Celtic manager and two men were convicted for sending crude parcel bombs to his home.

The “bullets” comment to Gallagher was overheard by his mum Irene, who was watching from the stands, and she reported it to the club – and it has since been reported to Police Scotland.

Police confirmed that they had launched a probe into the incident, with Dumbarton FC saying that they will “support the player and his family.”

A club source told the Record: “A club representative was at the game in the away end against East Fife. He made a comment that included a line about sending Gallagher Lennon bullets to his address, but hadn’t realised it was right in front of Gallagher’s mum.

Gallagher’s mum heard this and took exception to what had been said. The fan approached her afterwards and looked to apologise for what was said. But clearly it had crossed a line and was reported to the club.”

Dumbarton are unlikely to make any further comment until the Police Scotland investigation is completed.

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