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I see nothing gets done- Rodgers calls out the Goldson assault

Brendan Rodgers has added some detail to the ‘inconsistencies’ that he sees in refereeing decisions.

On March 28 the Celtic boss has to answer a Notice of Complaint following his comments after his side lost 2-0 away to Hearts.

That match was dominated, and in the opinion of Rodgers decided by the match officials with the blame split between John Beaton and Don Robertson.

Twice in the first half the man from the Crown Bar in Bellshill recommended that Don Robertson should carry out a pitch-side review- both times the match referee went with the view of his VAR.

It seems that Beaton’s take on the Laws of the Game vary from game to game and are dependent on the teams involved.

If Connor Goldson charges into the Livingston penalty box to set up an assist for Fabio Silva to score Beaton smiles to himself and allows the goal to stand.

From a standing position if Yang Hynu-jun raises his boot while Alex Cochrane charges in it is a red card with lies about studs in the face.

Rodgers seemed to have done his research during the week, after his broadcast media conference yesterday he gave specifics to legacy media with the Daily Record reporting:

All we look for as coaches and managers is consistency in decisions and I think that the first one, the on-field referee made the correct decision. He gave Yang a yellow card and I think that’s what it was.

We’ve had incidents prior to that. I obviously watch football day and night, so I see the challenge on Liam Scales the week before against Motherwell where there’s no card.

I see the Connor Goldson’s straight leg on the Livingston defender and it’s a goal. So, I see that, and I see nothing gets done.

Then I see our guy, who doesn’t touch anyone’s face with his studs. Admittedly it was high, but it wasn’t reckless, it wasn’t forceful. It’s a yellow card. The reaction, I honestly stay clear of all of that.

Referee Beaton followed the ball and Goldson from the 18 yard line.

Rodgers added:

I’ve been stood on the touchline more times than not this year with my head in my hands just with things that I see.

I’ve never been like this in football but I see the time element, the nonsense of looking at a penalty whenever a move is offside, it’s totally irrelevant if it’s offside, and we’ve seen that a few times in a few of the games.

The game just feels as though it’s slowing up. The whole intensity, the whole tempo, the whole feeling of a game. It just seems to be being refereed outside of the game, and I think that is the big concern.

The interpretation of it is the difference, from game to game and referee to referee. If you look at our incident where Yang gets sent off, what happens if Liam Scales goes down the week before and starts rolling about holding his face?

Maybe because he stood up, was honest and just took it, nothing happened. I understand players are cute – players are clever – and you want them to be that.

That’s the game, they need to deceive, they need to be clever. That’s what you do. But, especially when you now have cameras to see it and observe it, then you expect it to be seen. Like I said, Don Robertson made the right choice in the game.

With more than a fortnight to go before his Notice of Complaint is heard at Hampden Rodgers has already been doing his homework.

If the SFA and their independent panel want to punish him by not being allowed to attend his place of work, the dug out and touchline, they better have very solid grounds for punishing the Irishman.

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