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‘The Board don’t the know the history of our club’ ‘Absolute rats’ ‘Tory dictators’ Celtic fans react to boardroom plea

They probably anticipated it but there was a very hostile reaction to the plea from the Celtic board for fans not to bring flags, banners and symbols relating to the conflict in the Middle East to tonight’s match against Atletico Madrid.

The statement only appeared on the club website, it wasn’t on the club’s Twitter account which is a favoured tactic for news that they know won’t be welcomed.

Over the last fortnight the Green Brigade has been using social media to encourage supporters to bring a Palestine flag to tonight’s Champions League tie.

Seven years ago Celtic were hit by a fine from UEFA for a similar protest with the fines a regular feature from UEFA for a variety of incidents that fall foul of the governing body.

Over the last week Celtic have been leaking news to The Sun and the Daily Record sanctions being taken against the Green Brigade but at 12.03 today they used their club website to ask supporters not to connect tonight’s match to the bombardment of Gaza.

With trust and respect for the board at rock bottom it was no surprise that across Twitter the reaction to the Celtic statement was overwhelmingly negative.

For years the relationship between the boardroom and the fans (customers) has deteriorated, if that wasn’t the case there could have been a more sympathetic reaction from supporters who are generally paying £700 to watch 19 SPFL matches.

During the summer two other matches were dropped from the Season Ticket as prices were increased without any explanation.

Celtic fans have been absent from the last two SPFL Glasgow Derbies at Ibrox without a word of explanation although details have been leaked to obedient media partners.

Next month Celtic will hold their AGM with a 45 minute Question and Answer session that gives very little away about the running of the club.

Directors also attend a couple of Fan Forums per season which is a box ticking exercise for UEFA.

The true commitment to fan relations can best be viewed by having just one Supporters Liaison Officer for 50,000 Season Ticket holders and hundreds of thousands of supporters left mainly ignored across the globe.

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